Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quiet Book

I finally did it! After a year and a half of wanting to make S.R. her very own quiet book, I finally made it:o) I was not coming to bed last night until the last stitch had been sewn. I was exhausted. My back ached from hunching over my machine, but I feel that it was well worth the effort! 
(the highlighter is there to cover S.R. full name...we like to keep just a tad bit of privacy;o))
This project took about 3 days from start to finish. Of course it wasn't 3 Full days, but it does take time and thought to put one of these books together.
I tried to think of S.R.'s favorite things. These pages tell you a little bit about my sweet little girl. She LOVES shoes. Every morning when she wakes up, she tracks down the first pair of shoes she sees and puts them on, whether it be her heels, or a pair of E's flip flops. When she makes her grand entrance every morning, she models her shoes. It's hysterical:o)
This spread is a representation of her bedroom. Now, the color scheme is wrong because I had ZERO pink felt:o( I wanted to do this for FREE, so I used what I had:o) To see S.R.'s room, go here.
She loves to dress herself. What little princess doesn't;o)
The words I hear out of her mouth are usually, "I gon do it."(long O sound;o))
The Wardrobe that holds all the little felt clothes for the little girl.
Doors opened.
Panties are a big thing around here b/c we are in the throws of potty training. It was so much easier with E:o/
One of the dresses.
This next spread is a Tea Party and Build an Ice Cream Cone 
The tea pot and cups are removable, so she can have a little tea party.
The ice cream is also removable. The Ice Cream bucket and toppings jar are pockets to slide the pieces in.
S.R. loves babies, and is always carrying around one. 
Now I realize that this baby is slightly frightening. Especially with the red hair...but remember, I am using what I have:o)
The spoon, green blanket and bottle are removable so she can pretend to feed and cover the baby up. The little red bowl is supposed to be baby food(rice cereal, maybe???)
Every quiet book has flowers that button on. Very straight forward. Thinking about spraying just a tad of perfume on them so that they smell:o) Not too much though.
The last page houses crayons and coloring pages. The pic didn't turn out so great, sorry.
S.R. is my little artist:o)
So that's it. My hard work paid off, at least I think it did;o)

I know that I normally do tutorials on Tuesdays, but I thought that if I showed you this book, that it might give you a few ideas so you could make your little one a quiet book of their own.
Happy Tuesday!


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

What an adorable book! I especially love the tea party and ice cream cone. Someone at Weatherly made us a very elaborate quiet book when Z was born. Lots of work those books are!

Nídia e Patrícia Martins said... Best Blogger Tips


Amei teus trabalhos !!! Achei o teu blog bonito e bem criativo.
Já te seguimos.
Venha nos visitar, será Bem Vinda em nosso blog.


Linhas, lãs, tecidos e afins... said... Best Blogger Tips

How lovely! I would like to know if this is something traditional to do out there, because I never saw such wonderful thing here in Brazil...

Thanks for sharing and I hope your little princess is enjoying it!

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

The quiet books are something that a lot of people use to keep their little ones quiet, especially in church. Keeps their little hands busy, so that the parents can have a better chance of listening to a sermon:o)

Sharon Dubose said... Best Blogger Tips

I love, Love, LOVE this project!! Makes me wish I knew a toddler to make one for. Thanks for sharing. -syd :-)

Classy Clutter said... Best Blogger Tips

we shared these cute pages with our readers today... keep up the good work!