Friday, September 24, 2010

Dining Room Curtains

Just a little something I whipped up yesterday.
I love floor to ceiling curtains! These curtains have completely transformed the room.
I didn't want to go out and purchase a brand new curtain rod b/c they are mucho expensive, so I used two smaller ones I had on hand. I also had some shower curtain rings that I got at a yard sale last year for $1. I put large button holes in the tops of the curtains, and just slid the curtain rings thru. Ole Dave(Ramsey) would be proud;o)
I figured that the hubs wasn't going to be adding the trim in the dining room anytime soon, so I decided to go ahead and put my china back in the hutch:o)
Some fall love.
More things I had on hand. 
The pictures are really bright b/c I had to use my external flash. There isn't enough natural light this time of year that comes thru the dining room window, so I had to use my flash. 
It really doesn't do the mood of the room justice:o)
Happy Friday to you all!!!

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Lindy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love how you treated your window. Those arched windows can be a pain. I never thought to do this with the two rods and all the way to the ceiling.
Also, thanks for your nice comment. I'm following.

Annalea said... Best Blogger Tips

Great curtains! I so need something for my front windows which are only covered by white blinds - gotta love a rental! Thanks for the inspiration!

The Autocrat: Haley said... Best Blogger Tips

The curtains look fabulous!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Those curtain are Beautiful!!!!

Faith's Place said... Best Blogger Tips

very pretty!!!! i am getting ready to work on my dining room curtains. thanks for the inspiration!

KimMalk said... Best Blogger Tips

You found some pretty fabric to use. I like draperies that go from floor to ceiling, too.

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the curtains! And your fall decorations are great...making me want to get some pumpkins out, even though it's still 100 degrees :)

Thanks for stopping by Greener Grass!

Tiffany said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful curtains!

A. Jackson said... Best Blogger Tips

This is awesome, I had an idea like this for my dining room, and I just wasn't sure where to start and stop each fabric. Thank you for the inspiration!