Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teddy Bear T-shirt

Here is proof that I do make my son clothing...not that often, but I do make him things:o) He actually asked me to make him this shirt. It melted my heart!! He has never asked me to do that, so of course I had too. 
He is in preschool as most of you know, and yesterday was Teddy Bear Day. They got to bring their bears with them to school. I realized when we got the notice about the bears a few weeks back, that my son who will be 4 in a week and a half didn't own a teddy bear. I am a terrible mother!!! Luckily I found a really cute one in great condition at a yard sale....yes, a yard sale. He has become quite attached to it:o) He named it Polar...and no, it isn't a polar bear:o)
Did you see the smiley face? He was named Star student for the day yesterday....that's my boy!
Construction of the bear was simple. I found a printable coloring page online. I ironed Heat Bond onto the back of the brown fabric. Traced the bear onto the backing of the Heat Bond. Cut the Bear shape out and ironed it onto the shirt. Just a zig zag stitch all the way around the bear. The nose, ears, & paws are just dark brown felt. I used heat bond on them as well, and a straight stitch around those. I hand sewed the buttons on, and monogrammed his name. 
He loved it, and he sure was cute in it:o)
By the way, this is after school, so thus the reason for the wrinkled shirt:o)
Today is the big day. I am doing my demo's for the Cultural Arts fair. I have all of my stuff prepared, but still don't know exactly what I am going to say...hopefully after the 6th demo, I'll know what I am doing:o) Wish me luck!
Tomorrow I hope to share some of E's birthday party stuff....hoping:o)


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Good luck and have fun!! Can't wait to hear about it. :)