Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ring Tutorial and Giveaway

Another Tutorial on this fine Tuesday for ya:o) 
I saw a tutorial on how to make a ring a couple of months ago. I cannot for the life of me remember where I found it. I really need to start bookmarking these pages so that I can link back. Anyway, I bought the supplies to make the rings forever ago, all except E6000. I finally bought the E6000 yesterday, and now I can share with you what I did.
These are the supplies to make the ring
A ring doo-hicky thing(how's that for a technical term:o))
E6000(found at Hobby Lobby)
buttons(mine are vintage....L.O.V.E.)

First you want to remove the loop on the back of the button
Use your pliers to do this step. 
The button will look something like this when done
Aren't these buttons pretty?

After removing that piece, you will need to sand the back of the button. I also sanded the ring post thing:o)
Next step is to apply E6000. (Gorilla Glue does not work for this project. I have been successful with G.G. on just about anything else except jewelry. I made this same ring twice with said adhesive and the button popped off both times.)
Now there are all kinds of scary warnings on the back of this tube, so I took my little self outside and applied a dollop on the ring and clamped the button to the ring post.
Now comes the patience...not sure how long it is supposed to sit. I did mine last night, so it at least had the night to sit. And this is how it turned out:o)

I am no hand model, so don't get grossed out:o)

If you have run across this same tutorial out in blog land, please shoot me an email so I can give the props to the crafty one who came up with this idea:o)

And now for the giveaway that I have been promising for an eternity.
One of you will be the lucky winner of the above ring.
Aren't you just ecstatic??;o)
Because this giveaway is to celebrate the 100 Follower milestone, this one is for followers only...of course it really isn't that difficult to become a follower:o)

1st Entry: Be a follower of Fussy Monkey Business & tell me that you are
2nd Entry: "Like" Fussy Monkey Business on Facebook and tell me you did
3rd Entry: Post on Facebook about the giveaway & tell me that you did this as well.

The giveaway for this ring will end Wednesday night, and the winner will be announced Thursday morning. Good luck to you guys, and thanks so much for all your support...you guys ROCK!



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Thanks for the great ring tutorial. I know I have seen one before...but you know totally have no clue where!

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I LOVE this ring! I am a follower :)

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Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

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