Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pillow Tutorial and a Toy Barn

Sorry that this post is coming so late in the day. I normally can get my act together, but there is a lot going on this week. I have the Cultural Arts Fair on Thursday, and on Saturday we will be celebrating E's birthday(a few days early:o)).
So I am posting a quick tutorial on how to make a pillow in the easiest way possible using place mats.
I found these place mats at T J Maxx for $5.99 for the pair. I really liked the texture of the faux leather.

So all that you do is rip the seams out of one end of the place mat, and stuff it with poly fil.
Then sew a straight seam up the side, and you're done!

Easy peasy:o)
I am going to use this pillow tute as part of my demonstration on Thursday for the C.A.F.

Here is a toy barn that I will be entering in the Toy category:
I found the cute little animals at Target. I searched every where that I could think of for farm animals, and Target was the 4th place on the list to look. I almost didn't find them either...So glad I did. I don't expect this to win anything, but I did want to get it done for E's birthday, so I used the C.A.F. as my deadline. I figured why not enter it anyway:o) It's not that impressive...for the full tutorial, visit UK Lass in US. I actually didn't really follow the directions like I was supposed to, so it didn't really turn out the way it should have:o) Guess that's what happens when you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in.

I know that I said I would have a give away ready for today, but I just don't. There are too many things that I am semi-focused on(b/c I have a hard time fully focusing), that I just haven't gotten a give away together. Be on the look out though. I do have in mind what I want to do. It's just finding the time to do it:o) Hope to be sharing some of E's party stuff the rest of the week. 


malia said... Best Blogger Tips

your project is so clever!
i hear what you'e saying about this time of year... too busy. thanks for linking up to a crafty soiree last week and i hope you link this project up tomorrow!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

you = busy?! ;) I'm in the same boat right now. good luck this weekend and tell E happy b-day from us.

UK lass in US said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I'm not sure that following any directions of mine would help - I'm not that good at putting things into words... I think that it turned out cute.

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a super fast and easy way to make pillow! I never seen that way before, although I have seen the idea to sew two together. This is even quicker!

BTW that barn is adorable, you are too modest! I'd give it a first place☺ Thank you for joining us at A Crafty Soiree!