Monday, February 1, 2010

We Have a Winner!!!

Thanks to all who participated in my very first giveaway, and for all the wonderful and encouraging comments. Gives me the warm and fuzzies:o) Anyway, the winner of the bag is Miranda! Just email me your address and I will get it in the mail asap:o)
***I also wanna wish the hubs Happy Anniversary today!! He has put up with me for 7 years. He told me that it has seemed like 3 minutes...under water...haha, gotta love it:o) Anyway....***

 This week I am concentrating on using the craft supplies that I have in my home to make fabulous stuff instead of going out to Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Target, Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc. for more supplies. So this week's blog titles will be called "Use Whatcha Got." So here goes....
Our half bath has a pedestal sink and I have always wanted one. Love it, but the only problem is that there isn't anywhere to hide the additional toilet paper. I didn't want to leave rolls just hanging around on the floor...yuck... but I definitely wanted to leave some in there(no fun if you get stuck with nothing of which to wipe with, if ya know what I mean;o)) So, as I was looking thru my Paper Crafts mags, I ran across this pic, and knew I had to re-create it as my new T.P. holder.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to recover a box to put whatever you want in it...mine of course will be housing said T.P.
I bought a gift box set at an after X-mas sale, and the middle sized box was the perfect fit for the T.P.

I grabbed all my supplies...coordinating scrapbook paper, scissors, Mod Podge, paper cutter, my Paper Crafts Mag., to keep me on track, and embellishments(i.e. stickers, ribbon, letters, etc.).

Find the paper that you want to use for the box top(I looked for one that had a nice pattern on it). Lay the box top on the wrong side of the paper and measure. Make sure to leave enough room for the edges to overlap the sides. Bust out the Mod Podge, slather it all over the paper, and apply it to the top. Make sure all sides are even.  Take your scissors and cut the corners at a slight angle so that each side will fold down smoothly.
Set the top to the side to dry. Now for the bottom. I cut 4 rectangles, each were the width of the box, but the length was longer so that they could overlap the bottom, and the inside of the box. Make sure to cut the angles as you did the top. Apply the Mod Podge and smooth out evenly. 

(Look at that sweet little babies love their crafting too;o)... After the Mod Podge has had time to dry, apply a thin coat on the lid and the box itself to make it a little more sturdy. In the pic below, I cut out a square that was just smaller than the actual box to cover the rough edges, and to make it look more uniform.

You can add another coat, or move on to embellishing. I have lots of scrapbook stuff that has been lying around waiting for the day when I would remember them and give them the love and attention they deserved... I pulled out these cool letters that I have had for years...I never used them in my scrapbooks b/c they were too bulky, but they are perfect for this lil ole box...The front says bath tissue b/c that sounds soooooooo much nicer than toilet paper. I wanted to sound somewhat educated:o) The top of the box says "Open". I put that one on there for the men who visit that just never know;o) I am really happy with how it turned out! Now my T.P. has a home, in a box, on a shelf, hidden from plain view:o) Stay tuned for more "Use Whatcha Got" crafts...


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Congrats to your winner!

How ironic that you would be doing such posts this week when I have in mind to go out and get much needed supplies to finish multiple projects! :)