Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tutu Skirt

Everyone is making these tutu skirts, and they are absolutely too cute. I LOVE the pettiskirts, and have seen several different tutorials for them, but I know myself too well, and I would be ready to throw my machine out the window if I attempted one. So I decided that the tutu skirt would do just fine. I found a video tute on You Tube. These are super simple to make. I made this one while the kids were napping yesterday.  S.R. will be wearing hers for her birthday. I plan on appliqueing a t-shirt I found at Target the other day for $1.50 to match the skirt. I also got her some cute leggings. She isn't really pumped about wearing the tutu, probably b/c it's so stinking bulky, but she looks like a doll in she's wearing it:o) I think I will let her play in it a few times before the party so that she will be used to it. Tell me what ya think...have you guys tried to make one yet? I would love to see your pics. I am thinking about adding some embellishments. I am dying to try to make one of those gi-normous flowers as a hair bow to match it. Any advice?