Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snuggly Lap Quilt

Our weather has been awfully dreary here lately. Lots and lots of rain. Perfect weather for reading, board games, and snuggling.
As I was cleaning out my craft room, I ran across some quilt squares I had cut out a couple of years ago...yes, years:o)
I decided to make a quick quilt out of them...who knows why it took me this long!
 The fabric for the backing was given to me, and how lucky was it that it matched my squares? 
This quilt was meant to be:o)
 It has become THE favorite blanket in the house...too bad it isn't big enough to fit all four of us under it.
However, it's perfect for a day like this, when it's cold and rainy outside.
I hope you all are staying warm and dry!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Craft Room Clean-Out Sale

Today I posted some fabric bundles on Facebook that I have cleared out of my craft room.
Head over to my Facebook Page to see if something catches your eye.
Here are a few of the bundles I have available.

Hopefully your day isn't as dreary as it is here:o) Happy Monday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New List of Things to Do..

Happy New Year to you all. I realize I'm a week late, but better late than never, right?
For the past week and a half, I have been in purge mode. You wouldn't believe the amount of junk I have cleared out of closets and our attic. I still have a few areas I haven't hit yet. 
I have been working on my craft room too, and I'm going to have some crafty bundles in my Etsy shop here in the next few days.

I have decided that my motto for 2013 is to SIMPLIFY. 

The hubs is definitely on board:o) We are clearing out clutter, junk and debt. 
 One of our next DIY's will be to update the kids' bathroom. If you follow me on Facebook, I may have said that I was going to tackle that this past weekend...well, it didn't exactly happen:o) The supplies have been purchased though, so all we have to do is get the motivation to make it happen.

Another item on my list of things to do is to make S.R. a quilt for her bed. She LOVES purple, and has asked a couple of times if I would make her room purple. I'm sticking with the green, but will replace the pink with purple. A quilt, some new curtains, new lamp shades, and a new canopy will do the trick. Things that I can do over time. My goal is to get the quilt done before her birthday...which is the beginning of March. Daunting, I know!
These are the fabrics I chose. They are from Riley Blake and it's the Dress Up Days line. I'm really excited about this really cute fabric! 
This is the one I fell in love with...isn't it adorable?!?!

This is the quilt that I will be fashioning out of the above fabrics....crazy I know. I'm sure my "crafty ADD" will be able to manage all of these scallops(NOT), but I'm going to go in with eyes wide shut;o) HA!

The quilt pattern is from this book and you can find it at Amazon.
Click here to purchase from Amazon
I am really excited about this quilt. I just have to be like the Little Engine That Could, and do it!!

Have a great Tuesday!!