Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Home-2013

I know I have been absent for quite some time. I have been so busy, I have barely been able to sit down for 2 minutes. I'm sharing my Christmas decor for this year, but it's going to be mostly pictures. I have had a few "fuss" at me for not sharing:o)
I have changed things up a bit by adding red into the mix this year. We also went for a real Christmas tree this year instead of fake. 
I really like it. 
I think this will be a new holiday tradition!
I donated about 3/4 of what I had from last year, so there isn't quite as much to share. I was more into the decorating portion than actually celebrating the season. I'm so glad I made the decision to get rid of all of that!!
If you'd like to see how I decorated last year, you can click
So here we go....2013 Christmas Decor!

 Dining Room

 Our Very First Real Christmas Tree
Ornaments of Christmas Past Tree

 Very Purple Tree
Star Wars Tree
So there you have it! 
Now I have to get back to "getting back to it"! Happy Tuesday!