Friday, October 29, 2010

Music Sheet Wreath

I thought that I was done for the week, and then I got a little inspiration. I am not sure if you have visited Miss Mustard Seed, but if you haven't, you need to make your way on over. She creates some of the most beautiful pieces. So while looking at her blog yesterday, I ran across her Christmas tree.
She does a lot with sheet music, and everything she makes with it is BEAUTIMOUS.
I decided it was high time that I try to make something with sheet music. This is what I made yesterday during naptime.
I don't have sheet music, but I do have some old hymnals that haven't been used in years. I found one that was in pretty bad shape, and ripped it to bits. I knew that I would want to keep this wreath up year round, so I had a light bulb go off....
The center of the wreath is removable. I cut out a chipboard circle, and decorated it with the Halloween scrapbook paper I bought the other day. I even got to use my Cricut:o)
On the backside of the circle, I put a little velcro.
This is what the wreath looks like without the centerpiece. 
I guess I gotta head out to Hobby Lobby and get some more scrapbook paper so I can get to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas centerpieces.
Next, I am going to start making some ornaments with the left overs from the hymnal.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010


These are the pumpkins we carved last weekend. We didn't go to a pumpkin patch and pick these out...we went the easy road and stopped by Fresh Market and grabbed their 3 for $10 deal....we're cheap, what can I say? We thought that the kids would enjoy getting to carve pumpkins, but as soon as the hubs pulled the top off the first pumpkin, and we heard a unanimous "EWWW", we knew that we would be doing this ALONE. Which was fine b/c we got to carve some really cool pumpkins, if I do say so myself:o)

We were trying to carve pumpkins of the characters that the kids would be dressing as for Halloween, but we couldn't find a template for Jessie, so these were the templates we chose. I carved the Buzz pumpkin... with a dull knife. 
He turned out pretty good for not having good tools. Hubs, the engineer, headed to the garage, grabbed his safety glasses and his Drimmel tool, and began to work. He finished the other two pumpkins before I got mine done. Ya'll, that's the way to go when carving pumpkins:o)
Didn't he do a FAB job? I think so:o)
Yesterday we spent the day at home b/c E had a tummy bug. He seems to be fine now, and hasn't had any "episodes" since before lunch. Hoping it was one of those mysterious 12 hour bugs...We did our best to keep S.R. away from him...we really don't want any sickness on Halloween. The kids are really pumped about it this year:o) 
I hope that you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!!
See you back here on Monday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Rearranging

Here's a question for you....what do you guys think about an ottoman coffee table? I am thinking that the ottomans upstairs are going to have to be replaced soon b/c someone's hubby keeps sitting his behind on ours and has squished it to bits while playing XBOX....I need something soft b/c the kids are usually jumping on the couch up there.
Anyway, I told you guys yesterday that I went on a rearranging spree. I have had some issues with S.R.'s room. It was starting to feel a little lot cramped. I did some fanagling, and this is what happened.
Her room is so much more spacious now. I moved her dollhouse bookshelf into the closet. The closet door had to be removed b/c the kids kept leaning on it, and it came loose from the frame. I think I am going to leave it like this and maybe hang some curtains from the inside?? Sounds kinda fun to me;o)
Since S.R. doesn't have a dresser, we have to get creative with storage. Some of her clothes are in the baskets on the shelf, others are hanging on the right. Poor thing needs some winter clothes!! It's starting to get a little chilly here, at least in the mornings, and she doesn't have much.
This area hasn't changed much other than moving the roadside chair to this corner. 
Her room WILL have a new paint color soon....I just have to figure out which color. I am so tired of these creamy yellow walls....they are so BLAH!
I didn't want to leave little man out. These are some things that have been added to his room over the past few weeks. I left the lay out of his room the way it was b/c his room is finished, except for 2 more pieces, (and they have to be made). 
A yard sale lamp for $3. Very masculine I think. Hubs wanted it for his office...HA!
And another addition...planets mobile. Thanks to Papa and Gia for this one. E. was so happy to have some planets hanging below the stars on his ceiling.

His room is a little dark, but this is a larger view with the planet mobile. I think it looks great!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ready for Some Laundry Room Love

 Ya'll, I am so glad to be back to normal....well as normal as can be:o) Last week was a bear. I don't know what was going on. I have FINALLY gotten over that nasty bronchitis. I had the hardest time recovering from it. Every time I decided to get up and do something, I would have to sit down 10 minutes later b/c I was exhausted...really strange.
So while going thru all of this, I really wanted to do something crafty. Everything I touched went wrong. I started on 2 separate projects. One I gave up on, and the other I ruined:o/
I realized the ONLY thing I could do was rearrange things in my house. You can't mess that up. 
I started with my laundry room:o)

I had all of this lying around the house. I really had fun going shopping in my house. I know the hubs appreciates that;o)
Remember the Cowboy Birthday Party I threw for E? Do you remember the table I had the party favors on? Well I pulled out all of the stuff that was piled up in this corner of the laundry room, and put the table there.
I do not have a Before picture, but let's just say it was crazy scary. This is what the rest of the laundry room looks like. Contractor shelving..

 Contractor Paint...
And for all you lucky dogs with the high efficiency washer and dryer....I'm jealous:oP.
 In my nook, I have my styling station. I am a hair stylist...or as one lady called it, I am a beauty operator;o) Love it. The hubs installed this for me, and I love having it. Makes it so much easier now that my clients don't have to flip their head upside down in the kitchen sink;o)
So the plan is to paint, and rip down the shelving. The one project that I destroyed the other day was the shelving that I was going to use to replace the ugly wire shelving. Hubs has that on his to-do list:o) Love him. He always fixes my messes. I am so thankful I have a man who knows how to do manly things:o)

This is a crafty I made without destroying anything:o)
A plaque for the dry cleaner basket. I used plain scrapbook paper, stamps, my cricut, and mod podge to make this little plaque. The actual wooden plaque came from the Dollar Tree. I have another one, and I plan on making S.R. another hair bow holder. The one she has right now is loaded down.
 The other thing I did was fix this container up. A few months ago, I spray painted this container, with the thought I would use it as a beverage container. To see the before, go here.
Well I have come to the realization that I will not use it as a beverage container, and instead of it continuing to collect dust, I am now going to use it to house my cookbooks.
 It looked naked, so I decided to cut some vinyl and pretty it up a bit.
Much better. The picture is slightly fuzzy, sorry.
Tomorrow, I will share another space that I rearranged. Have a great Monday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Iron-on Tees

We are back and I am sooooo glad to be home. What a trip! It could have been so much better if we all hadn't gotten sick as soon as we got there:o/. 
There were seven in our condo, and of that seven there were the following:
runny nose
We were a mess. And during all of this, we were spending 10 hour days at the parks. Are we it's Disney. We weren't on our death beds yet:o) Anyway, we had a wonderful/miserable time there. I wish that our friends could have had a better first experience with their families. This was our second. And our third will be several years down the road:o)
While we were down there we got to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Here are some pics from the parade.
Look at the abs on Jasmine....jealous!

 There's the Mouse!

 Love Captain Jack Sparrow

 The kids love Toy Story, and S.R. calls this character "Buzz Right-here"
 E pretends to be Buzz all the time, but when it came to actually getting a picture with him, he wouldn't look at the camera. 
 We eventually got a picture of E's face:o)
 We got to meet some princesses as well. That was fun.
 One of the fave rides for the kids....Buzz Lightyear ride. The hubs is concentrating:o)
 Miss Dare Devil. She scared the lady behind us half to death...we're used to it.
 Dinner with Pluto and Goofy. This was a real treat. All the kids were excited about these characters.

 Dream job right here. This is where they make all the costumes for all the "cast members." The picture is a little blurry b/c we were on a tram, and it was moving kinda fast thru that part.
 I wish that we had felt better because it would have been an awesome trip. Oh well. We are glad to be home, and we are all on antibiotics now....I have bronchitis, yuck!

So when I got home, I hadn't used any creative brain power, so since I am sick I decided to do something easy. I saw these printables at craftjr. I had some iron on transfer paper already. I went to Walmart and got the kids some white long sleeved tees, $3.50 each. 
Here's the iron on transfer paper.
 Here are both of the shirts:
 This one is for S.R.
 And this one is for E
The purple looks a little more pink than it should b/c we are running out of purple ink...but it will do. He won't care, he's 4:o)
So glad to be back, and looking forward to feeling better. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!