Monday, April 6, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.
We had a really great time with family and friends. We got to see cousins on Saturday that we haven't seen in years, from my daddy's side of the family. There were over 70 of us that gathered together. It was amazing to see how much love everyone had for each other.
Each holiday is getting harder, and harder to come back home. That is one thing that we don't have where we
(apparently we were supposed to be making a silly face in this picture, and only half were listening)
We were able to grab a few pictures yesterday morning of my own little family.
The Jasmine vine is in full bloom, and I love it!
It was the perfect backdrop for our pictures.
I love these faces!!
 At this point, the kids had had enough of the camera.
This guy....
just like his daddy in every way. He had his pocket knife on his hip and had been wearing his sun glasses all morning.
We told him he looked like a "special agent."
A big shout out to Wal-Mart for having a shirt and tie combo for $10!!
 And this sweet girl thought she was a princess. She gave up smocked dresses a few years ago, and I was so sad.
I found this dress at a consignment store with the tags still on it. I told her it was Cinderella blue, and she was hooked. ;-)
 My babies are getting so big!
I am so proud of these kiddos.
We are on the home stretch with school. The kids have been working so hard. They are little troopers. All three of us are ready for the summer break to get here. They can play, and I can craft! I am dying to pull some things out of the attic to re-purpose.
Just a few more weeks!!!