Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Cape...for S.R.

About a year ago, I made E a Super Man cape. He wouldn't touch it. He didn't like anything on his back or neck...we're just now getting him to wear clothes at home:o) (I say that, and I just saw both of my children run upstairs in their skivvies) Anyway, when little sister started showing some interest in the cape, he began to wear it. You know that little thing called sharing? Well it happens on rare occasions in  this house, so S.R. needed her own cape. All the fabric that I used was on hand. Like the left over fabric from her curtains(yeah, I know, it seems like I have used that fabric in SOOOO MANY projects..I'm trying to get rid of it!) I used another coordinating fabric as well. I used E's cape as the pattern b/c somewhere along the way I lost the other pattern I made. I cut out the emblem using the white fabric, and I embroidered her name on it. That was almost a machine only embroiders in a 4x4 square and I wanted her name big. Let's just say that I ALMOST have the lining up of letters mastered. Anyway, after appliqueing the Super Man emblem onto the top fabric, I joined the front and back together, leaving the shoulders open, flipped and sewed on some quilt binding with a little velcro on the ends to make it easy to get on and off. She was in love with it. She has been showing it off to E which makes him want to go grab his...I have two little super heroes running around in true super hero their undies;o)


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahahaha! sounds like our house hold, but its seems like they are trying to melt the snow with the reflection off their white bellies. :)