Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Week-Baby Bag

This week I am posting gifts that I have made for a baby shower that I will be attending. This bag is for a mommy who is having her 2nd bambino, so I wanted the bag to be a little bigger(not by much) since I have 2 monkeys and know how much junk you have to haul around. I had the urge to keep this bag for myself b/c I love the size and the fabric...does it look familiar? Remember the Bo Peep skirt? I used the leftovers from this bag to make S.R.'s skirt. I'm taking her 2 year pics this week, and yes, she will be sportin' the new skirt:o) Anywho, I made a bunch of pockets(7 in all), inside and out, so that there was plenty of space to store stuff. Love, Love, Love it! I got to use my fancy stitches on the ribbon that goes all the way around. That was a little nerve racking just b/c I felt a little out of control as the needle was working like nobody's bid-ness. Did I mention how much I love this bag?:o) Oh well, if I have to make one for myself, I guess I could:o)

F.Y.I....there have been some requests on how to make this are the typed instructions, as I remember them...
I did not use a pattern for this. However, I can give you the measurements and how I pieced it together, and hopefully you will be able to make some sense out of it:o)

 I had 3 separate fabrics. The striped fabric, flowers and butterflies fabric, and the lining. all from Hobby Lobby
Bottom= cut 2 @ 20"x7"(one from butterfly, one from lining)
Long sides= cut 4 @13"x20"(2 f/lining, 2 f/striped)
Short Sides=cut 4 @ 13"x7"(same as above)
Pockets on outside=cut 2 @ 13"x20" & 13"x7"
Straps=cut 2 @ 4"x 44"
I ironed stabilizer to the striped fabric and the strap fabric to make it more stiff.
My seam allowance was 5/8"
I applied the ribbon onto the pockets, after I had ironed down the rough edges to make a hem. I used a decorative stitch. Next I basted the pockets to the striped fabric, matching all edges. I did this for all four sides.I made a straight stitch in the middle of the front pocket for 2 pockets. Add bow. Sew together all sides and bottom.  Next I made pockets for the lining. These were a little tricky. I cut one piece of lining  20" long, and about 10" tall. I cut this in half.  Fold down top rough edges to make a hem, stitch. I  box pleated the bottom of the pockets so that there would be extra room, just use a baste stitch. I matched the sides of one long piece, and basted. Sew all lining pieces together. For the straps, fold in half, longways, iron, and then iron rough edges in a 1/2". Stitch as close to the edge as possible making sure to catch all edges. Iron down edges of liner and outside casing a 1/2 inch. Pin wrong side of liner to wrong side of casing, making sure to add your straps where you want them, and stitch all the way around.  And that's it:o) Hopefully I haven't confused you and made your brain hurt:o


Shaina said... Best Blogger Tips

This is the first visit to your blog and I love the diaper bag. Do you have a pattern for it? Please let me I have 5 kids and love having cute things to carry around all their junk. :)

Alainna said... Best Blogger Tips

I am seconding Shaina's first Baby is on his way and I would LOVE to make this bag! Alainna