Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easy Pillow Sham Tutorial

A few weeks back I made an extremely lame attempt to make shams for S.R.'s bed. I had some left over fabric from her curtains, and thought I new what I was doing. I was gettin' all crafty thinking I was going to put a ruffle on it...it turned out terrible. So for that amount of time, I have been trying to tuck and disguise my terrible sewing job...
I had some white fabric lying around, and thought...why not give the shams a try...again...now that I have had ample time to figure out how to really make them. I had some pillows stuffed in a closet that weren't fluffy anymore, so I figured I would just cut open a few and use those to stuff the shams.
I wanted to put her initials on them so that they wouldn't be just plain Jane shams...no offense to any of you Jane's out there;o) Anyway, I went to the computer, found a font that I liked (Elephant), blew it up to like 400 or so. I made the W slightly bigger. I ran out of fusible stabilizer, so I had to use what was on hand. The thick stuff that doesn't stick...oh well. I had to be extra careful. I used some more of the pink and white gingham and cut out the initials...just a reminder...if you have 2 pillows, you need to do this twice;o) I always forget to double up;oP....

Next pin the letters on the white fabric...making sure to keep them somewhat centered.  Sew, using a zig zag stitch.

After that is complete, put right sides together and sew around edges. I used a 1/2"-ish  inseam. Make sure to leave a whole to stuff the stuffing in. 
Clip corners and turn right side out. Press all seams flat. Stitch a line 2" from the outside edge, making sure to keep that hole open. Now it's time to stuff the sham. 
Put in as much or as little as you desire.  Take the sham back to your machine and close her up. You could hand sew these together, but I was feeling lazy:o)

And there ya have it....well, not yet...they seem a little nekked....

That's much better. I just tacked on some bows, and voila...lurve it! Wait a minute, one more thing...
There we go...Gotta have the full effect;o) I hope that this has inspired you to make some quick and easy pillow shams...have fun!


Magda said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello! Great job there! Her bed looks like a princess's!!! =)

Stephanie Rose said... Best Blogger Tips

I googled for pillow sham tutes and this came up - so cute and what really made me laugh is that SRW are my initials too!!