Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror

Today's Inspiration. I fell in love with this mirror and the way this mantle was staged. I bought a mirror from a yard sale last year for $5 and it's been sitting in the attic for who knows how long because I didn't know what to do with it. Finally a purpose. Here's the before:

I had already taped it off when I took the picture. It's just a plain(dirty) mirror with a dark finish on the frame. I taped it off and spray painted it with what I thought was going to be SHINY silver paint...It wasn't:o( It will have to do for now. I know that I can get SHINY spray paint from Hobbly Lobbly(as E calls it) but I don't want to pay almost $6 for a small can of spray paint. I'll wait for the 40% off coupon:o) Anywho, here is the after...my after isn't as well lit as the PB version, and there are some very major variations, but I said that the PB version was my inspiration, right:o)

 The before version of the mantle is HERE. We are in the process of getting E's room fixed up. The room he was sleeping in was very very girly. Picture Shabby Chic. He really didn't know the difference because he is three. Anyway, the large wooden thing behind the mirror is the headboard that was in E's room. You can see almost all of the full headboard in THIS post. I just propped it up on the mantle and then propped the mirror on it. I went to H.L. yesterday and bought some tapers and birds' nests and started playing around with things.
 It isn't exactly like PB's but it inspired me to make something drab into something fab:o)


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love it! plus, I'm glad to know there are others out there that change their minds on things as often as I do! HA!