Monday, March 15, 2010

My Craft Room

So glad to be back in the blogging world. I have missed you all! I took a much needed break to recover from a procedure done on a kidney stone. Feeling great and ready to jump back on the crafting horse:o)
During the recovery process, I had bits of energy and wanted to get some spring cleaning done. I thought I would start in my craft room first. I can't seem to find the before pictures, but I do have the after, and I am glad I finally got around to cleaning up.
 This is actually supposed to be a walk-in closet, but I made sure that the hubs new when we were building this house that this one was a-a-a-ll mine! I wanted a place where I could just shut the door and leave the creative mess behind and know that it wouldn't be touched by sweet little precious hands:o) This room is 5'9"x7'. It's a small space, a really, really small space, but it is mine...ALL MINE!
Because there are no windows in this closet, (why would there be??) I painted a mural on the wall just to add a little color, so as to not start rocking back and forth, staring into space and humming an eery tune;o) 
 A little storage organization...I used these boxes when the babies were little to keep stuff organized in their closets. I think they were from the Dollar General? Anyway, they weren't being used anymore, so I put large spools of ribbon, small wooden projects, and other misc. stuff in them. 
 My patterns, (green box & the basket), my sewing books, and a few other binders holding projects of past, present and future. Notice that roll of duct tape? Every craft room needs some:o)
 This side holds all my scrapping supplies. I have to say, I am not as into the scrapbook stuff like I used to be. I don't get the instant gratification like I do from sewing. And when I sew something, I can get better use out of it. I still use this stuff on occasion, but I use my sewing machine more.
I got this storage rack from a yard sale last summer. It even still has the orange $3 price tag on it(top right). This houses all my ribbon, notions, and owners manuals. I love having this thing. Keeps all the mess out of sight.
 All my fabric on hand. I actually went thru all of it the other day and folded it all. Blech! But it does look really nice:o)
Where all my creations start. This is actually an old singer sewing table with the foot pedal and it still has the original machine inside. I think it belonged to a very old cousin of my mother's. I used to do my homework on this thing when I was little. I am so glad that I have it. 
Well there ya have it. My craft room. My own special place to create. Now off to the craft room to get biz-ay!


Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm jealous of this room. It looks very craft-inspiring! If only I had a spare closet too...

Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Isn't it nice to have your own space?? :) Love the mural!