Monday, March 15, 2010


I have been inspired recently by Pottery Barn and all their beautifully over-priced merchandise. I love to peruse their magazines, and while perusing, the wheels start turning in the ole noggin. I have several projects lined up (in my head of course), but one that kept standing out was the silhouettes I kept seeing. So of course, I had to do it too:o)
I found these picture frames at a local thrift store for around $5 for the both of them. Not too shabby...not too chic though:o) One was missing the glass, so that one was a little cheaper. It looks like someone had the D.I.Y. bug and tried to spray paint these pups, and gave up.
 The funny thing is, they used to have a gold finish. And what finish did they get from me?
 That's right, GOLD:o) I knew that I would be putting these in the master bedroom, so I wanted the finish to be similar to what was already in there. I had the gold spray paint on hand. I removed the glass from the one, and just sprayed away. I knew that the insides would be covered, so I really didn't worry too much about over spray. I needed to kill the overly shininess of the gold, so I brought out some brown acrylic paint from my paint stash, and used a sponge brush to dab some brown on.

See the difference? Not so "in your face" BLING BLING:O)  After finishing the other frame, it was time to move onto the innards of the project. The actual silhouettes, and the backing they would be displayed on.
 I also had this fabric on hand. Left overs from the roman shades found in this post. I cut enough fabric to leave a nice little edge for folding over the back. Next came the glue gun. I attacked this much like reupholstering. Glue one side and then glue down the opposite side, until all sides have been glued down.
Next, cut the corners off like the picture shows below:
Glue those edges down. Doing this step keeps it from being too bulky. After getting all this done, I moved onto the silhouettes of my Sweets. I took side view pics of both of them while they're eyes were glued to the television. This was the only way. Have you ever tried to get a 3 year old and a 2 year old to be still while catching their profile? Not hap-nin. After catching their mugs, I printed out each picture on white paper and got to snipping. Flipped them upside down, and hot glued the silhouette to the fabric.
In the frame it went...
And their resting place in the master bedroom....for now:o)
 Don't ya just love those sa-weet little curls on baby girl:o) Just want to eat them both up!


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I took pics of the kids with the purpose of making silhouettes last year, but have yet to. Those look great!