Monday, March 8, 2010

Butterfly Birthday

Here are some pics of the party...tell me what you think...

A shot of where the lil ones got to sit. We moved our dining room table and chairs to the living room so that we could keep the lil precious rug rats quarantined.
 Party favors. The boys got buckets and the girlies got something a little more feminine.
Found these tags here. The thank you tags came with the little white pails(pictured below).
These were the boys goodies. Most of this stuff came from the Dollar Tree.
The crafts...We had wooden cutouts with magnets on the back that came from Joann's and Dollar Tree. They got to color them.
These were the place card holders. I filled these pails with skittles(of which the children LOVED).  These were in the bridal section at Dollar Tree. 3 for a $.
Our "candy bar."

These bags came from Target in the $ section. These were to put the candy in.
Party attire for the birthday girl.
Close up of the shirt I made at the last minute.
Her smash cake...I know it's a little janky, but it served it's purpose:o)
My little butterfly, all the little girls got tutu's and butterfly wings($ Tree and Target $ Section)
My lil man with his bug wings on. I made these for all the little boys. I made them in the same fashion as the super man cape. They also got crowns to wear.
I am very happy with how the party turned out. Everyone had great time. I will fill you in on the actual details tomorrow, and a few more pics:o) Have a great day!!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

you did such a good job!! i'm lovin' all the beautiful spring colors, too!

stephanied said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute!!! I hate we missed it. I hope miss S R had a good time.

Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks great!! Love all the color!!

One of The Girls said... Best Blogger Tips

Crystal, you never cease to amaze me! Once again you have outdone yourself. I'm sure S.R. had a great time!

Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

It came together so well! I'm sure the kids loved it. I too am a fan of the dollar tree b-day.