Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I thought that I was going to finish all those curtains in one day. HA! Fat chance. I did get the curtains done in the living room and I love 'em! They make the room look complete. Thank goodness. There was almost a catastrophe though. As I started sewing this beautiful fabric, I realized that when you have two windows, you generally want to have 2 panels per window...duh! I only cut 2 panels. Then it hit me, do I have enough fabric???? Just barely(sigh), and I had to do some piecing to make it work, but you won't be able to see it because I am that good...well, not really. That panel ended up behind the chair:o) I started the kitchen curtains, but was getting tired and started to make a mess of things, so I called it quits. I am really pleased with how the living room turned out!
The clock in this pic was a Goodwill find. All the old ladies were eyeing it with jealousy. One said, "My what a pretty clock you've grabbed." And I thought to myself,"Oh yeah lady, and it's all mine!!!!" (was that a little too over the top???)

The curtains hung in all their glory:o) The hubs is gonna be a little irritable when he sees that I moved that huge pic above the fireplace from the dining room to the living room...a bone of contention in this household. I had him take the top part of the hutch to the attic so that I could have the massive pic hung above the bottom of the hutch. (I am a woman and have every right to change my mind if I want to...)After almost loosing appendages, and having to take the stairs off to get it thru the hole in the attic, it found a resting place, and the hubs thought that it was staying put;o) Little did he know...But the pic looks soooooooo much better above the fireplace, don't you agree?

I'll get busy on more projects tomorrow, hopefully. Taking a day off. Yesterday wore me out!! I'll post the new coffee table tomorrow. Very proud of this find!


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I can just see his face and the way his shoulders will sag when he sees it! ahahahaha!!!