Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Phase 2 of S.R.'s curtains

I found a pair of sheer curtains at a yard sale a while back, and didn't know quite what to do with them. My mother mentioned to me that she saw some really cute curtains in PBK's magazine, and thought I might like them. Hence Phase 1 with the pink gingham curtains. That's where the sheers became Phase 2. I thought about using my 3rd love(following of course my husband(#1), children(#2))to embroider butterflies all over them, but evidently my machine was hungry. It ate one of the sheers. So after much contemplation, I decided to use some applique butterflies that I purchased from ebay ages ago for some unknown project. They were so simple to apply, and my machine was very cordial to the ever so delicate sheer. I am really pleased on how they turned out. Now, I just have to make sure that E & S.R. don't try to pick them off:o)