Friday, January 22, 2010

Ottoman Re-do(No Before Pic:o(..oops)

I found these two little beauties at the Goodwill as well. I just keep comin' at ya with these Goodwill finds, and YES, I got them all in one day!! These cutey pies were $7.99 each. They are Target brand and still had the original price tag on them of $59.99 each(yes, I scored majorly!!) The fabric was a little on the dingy side, but everything was in good working order, the piping was still in good shape, so off to deconstructing I went. It was sooooooooooo much easier than when I pulled apart the chair to recover(see pic of living room curtains, and it's the yellow one with stripes). It took less than an hour to pull the 24,000 staples out of them. I used some more of the green and purple toile from dear Ms. Stephanie to recover them, and now I'm all coordinated and stuff;o) I painted the legs black b/c I still have 3/4 of a gallon left, so anything else that comes in the house to be painted will eventually be painted black:o) I put them upstairs in the bonus room in front of the couch. See that big empty space on the wall??? That's where the top of the coffee table will eventually be...It's gonna be great!


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hmmmmm....... i think i need to make a trip to goodwill.......