Friday, April 29, 2016

American Girl Doll House Inspiration

Raise your hand if you have a daughter who is obsessed with American Girl Dolls.
Sister LOVES A.G. dolls, and I will have to admit, I really like them too.
The dolls were first released in 1986 (when I was 5), and have been going strong ever since.
I had friends growing up who had them, and I always wanted Samantha.
However, the dolls are very expensive, and always have been, so I never got to own one.
I survived, obviously.
Anyway, Sister fell in love with the dolls, and we started with the Target brand of Our Generation dolls. We weren't investing in something that expensive if she wasn't going to play with them.
She did play with the dolls, and really didn't notice that they weren't the real deal. She did get frustrated with the hair though. That's the biggest difference between the cheap dolls and the real dolls. The hair is WAY better with the real American Girl line.
After realizing that she truly would play with these dolls, we stepped into the real world of American Girl with a Bitty Baby. 
Bitty Baby is so precious. 
I miss those days (sniff). 
For those that don't know, Bitty Baby is the line geared towards the younger girls. 
We graduated from Bitty Baby and now Sister has two American girl dolls.
At first, we had all of the kids' toys upstairs, including the dolls because I don't like seeing toys strewn all over the house.
However, one of our lovely guests decided that Isabelle needed a trim last year, (grrr) so all of the A.G. stuff is in Sister's room for safe keeping.
Which has created a bit of a storage issue, as seen below.

There isn't a good way to store everything she has, so it's tucked away in little pockets everywhere in her room which is driving me bananas!
I needed a solution!
I knew that Ana White would have some plans for a doll house. I have used her website for plans before. We built a dollhouse bookshelf which is currently being used as a Barbie house, and I built a see saw for the kids.
Her instructions are easy to follow, and there are PICTURES!
This particular build is massive, and it has pocket screws (which I don't know how to do), so hubby is going to have to help me build this one.
He just doesn't know it yet!
I'm thinking this will be a great project this summer after we finish the laundry room and get through some of the yard work.
I found this picture under the brag posts from Ana White's website. Isn't this adorable? Someone took a tremendous amount of time in making this dollhouse special.
 People are so creative when it comes to making doll house accessories! I love this little living room set.
 And there are some really crafty mommas out there.
Look at this amazing washing machine made out of a baby wipes container! So clever!
I can't wait to get started with this project! Hopefully Sister's room will look a little more organized once we complete it.