Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Where I have been...

It's Spring, and I am so glad it's here. It means the weather is getting warmer, the flowers are in full bloom, and the school year is coming to an end. 
So, where have I been the last few months? Obviously not posting here. Homeschooling is where I have been. In this room. Just me, my kiddos, the pups, and the school books. It is all consuming, and it's great (most of the time)!
I love homeschooling. I really do. I am so thankful that we have the means to do so, and live in a country where it is still legal. It is truly a blessing.
But as the weather begins to warm, my spray painting finger begins to itch, and the wheels start turning in my head as to which projects I will tackle first after we close the books.
Today I wanted to share what our homeschool room looks like. 
It's nothing fancy.

Hubby decided that he was tired of all the books strewn throughout the living room, so he graciously gave up his office so we could close the doors on all of the mess if need be. So what you see before you are the remnants of a man cave. (Alabama-everywhere...Roll Tide, y'all) 
I would love to redo a few things...
First-repaint the red wall. I'm over it. However, that would require painting the wall, and I really do hate painting walls. It's just so exhausting. You have to remove all of the furniture, cover the floors, paint the walls, climb ladders, put yourself in very dangerous positions to reach those high ceilings, and then after the paint is on the wall, you have to decide where to put everything again because you really didn't like the original placement to begin with. Exhausting, I tell you. Eventually I will muster up the energy, but for now, I will peruse Pinterest for awesome ideas.

I would also love to add an entire wall of bookshelves where the red wall exists. I love the idea of a home library. That seems to be something of the past, especially with so many people reading ebooks, or listening to audio books. I love flipping through real pages in a book.

I love built in shelves. It gives a cookie cutter home like ours more of a custom look. Here are some pictures of built in shelving inspiration.
Love those beams and that ladder!

For now, this is what we have in our school room. As you can see, our bookcase is busting at the seams. I have already started double stacking the books because there isn't anywhere else to put them.

Here is another angle of that side of the room.
We are in Classical Conversations, and this is where I write all of the kiddos' memory work for each week. I made the board last summer, and it has been so useful.  
I love being organized.
So now you know what I have been up to for the last little bit.
I plan on being more frequent in my posts. 
If you follow me on Facebook, you heard my big announcement. I am now an official Disney Vacation Planner. I'll post more on that very soon.
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