Monday, April 25, 2016

Fairy Garden and it's Progress

A few weeks ago, Sister started begging me to help her make a fairy garden. One of her little friends had made one, and she loved the idea.
I ignored her pleas for a few days because we were about to dive deep into Memory Masters for school and I didn't want to add anything to my plate. Plus, I thought if I ignored her, she would soon forget.
But she was persistent, and she didn't forget.
So I started looking at Pinterest because that's where you go to find ALL inspiration for anything!
By the way, where did we go for ideas before Pinterest? 
I saw some really cute ideas, but those little stinkers can get expensive.
I decided on a budget for her. 
I told her she had $20 to spend on accessories and plants. We obviously went over budget, but not by much. I think we ended up spending around $30 total.
We started at Hobby Lobby. She picked out the arbor, fence, bridge, and bench from there. In case you go looking for fairy garden items from HL, it's in the wedding section...not the garden section where we first started our search.
After we left HL, we hit the Dollar Tree. We got the sand for the path, and the rocks for the "creek."
Our last stop led us to Lowes, where we purchased the plants. 
When I was searching online for ideas, I watched a video that talked about scale. It was really informative and something I would have never thought to consider. 
So as we were making all of our purchases, we tried to keep that in mind. 

We looked for a fairy house, but they were all so expensive. When we arrived home, we looked around for anything that we could use. We found this little bird house that Sister had painted for her Fairy Tea Party
It fit the space perfectly, and saved a few extra dollars.
Something to remember when planting a Fairy Garden, or any garden for that matter, make sure to pay attention to the sun exposure the plants need. 
We had the planter at our back door. There is plenty of morning sunlight, but as the day went by, the covered porch blocked the sun, and the plants weren't thriving.

I moved it to the flower bed just off of the patio, and after a good rain, and plenty of sunshine, the plants took off!
 There's a big difference, right?
I've kind of caught the fairy garden bug now. 
I really want one with a water feature, and I want a fairy house like the one pictured below. Isn't it so sweet?

(click the picture to see price)
 I can just picture a water fall behind it. I have lots of stones left over from Sister's fairy garden. I just need a water pump, like the one pictured.

(click picture to see price) 

So have you caught the Fairy Garden bug yet? I would love to see what you've come up with! Make sure to share your fairy garden pictures on my Facebook page.

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The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks cute. My daughter did 1 at a local garden center. We have it in the kitchen because it's still too cool here to put it outside.