Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A New Adventure-Disney Vacation Planning

 We all have been given a gift, and I don't mean the kind with a pretty little bow on top. I mean the kind that our Father has blessed us with. They are usually seen through our abilities, our strengths you could say, but they can also be who we are in general. Whether it's being a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a teacher, an engineer, or whatever, we all have been given the ability to be someone special.
Some of the gifts that I have been blessed with are being a wife/house-wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend, homeschool teacher, Bible class teacher, part-time hair stylist (a.k.a. therapist), and crafter. I'm sure I am forgetting one. I love getting to be all of these. Some days are harder than others, and the blessings can seem like burdens at the time, but thankfully those days are few and far between.   
Last year, I was able to take some of these God-given gifts and put them to good use. I decided in January of 2015 that I was going to surprise my family with a trip to Disney World, and I would pay for it completely by myself.  I wrote a guest post for Couponing to Disney, where I shared all of the in's and out's of how I pulled it off. (click the link to read the post).
Below are some pictures of the breakfast reveal I did. You know me, I can never do anything simple.

 In the early stages of planning, I realized that the only way I was going to keep my sanity during this process, was to have the help of an official Disney Vacation Planner. 
Friends, Tricia saved me from so much heart ache. I learned so much through her and by following several Disney planning Facebook pages, things began to fall into place. I began to share with others my Big Secret, and they began asking questions about Disney themselves. I was told on several occasions that I should be a travel agent for Disney. I would always brush the thought aside because I was so focused on the surprise I was planning. 
After the dust settled, and the trip was revealed, the thought of being a Disney Vacation Planner kept nagging at me, but I kept ignoring it.
When we got back from our AMAZING Disney trip (more on that later), I had an influx of friends asking all sorts of Disney questions.
Then the opportunity arose.
A call for part time Disney Vacation Planners.
I applied, and I was offered a position.
Things got real...real fast.

I am so excited about this new adventure! I get to help people who are completely overwhelmed by all the details involved in planning a trip to Disney, and make it completely magical and stress-free.
And the best part is that my planning services are completely free!! If you look at the top of the page, you will see a Disney Travel button. Click on that, and you'll find all of my contact information!

I can't wait to share some of our experiences from our last trip, including my first runDisney event, the Princess Half Marathon weekend!