Sunday, October 3, 2010

Disney Week at Someday Crafts

Hey Guys
I hope that you all have had a fantabulous weekend. Mine has been extremely eventful....let's just say that some little girls should have auditioned for the Poltergeist movie;o) 

Just wanted to share some wonderful news with you all. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Michelle at Someday Crafts to see if I was interested in sharing my Disney Themed outfits that I made for S.R. She is hosting a Disney Week on her blog this week. Of course I said yes! Check my side bar for some of the outfits I made. Also, check out the Mickey Mouse Button on the right. It's a direct link to Someday Crafts! After checking out the other Disney themed items, make sure to check the rest of her blog out. You won't leave without being inspired!!!

I am not using my computer right's a friend's, hence the lack of pictures and links. I am using a Mac...I have no idea what I am doing?!?!?!?:o)
Have a great day!!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

yeah! good for you!
love my mac. never go back to a pc. :)