Monday, October 18, 2010

Ready for Some Laundry Room Love

 Ya'll, I am so glad to be back to normal....well as normal as can be:o) Last week was a bear. I don't know what was going on. I have FINALLY gotten over that nasty bronchitis. I had the hardest time recovering from it. Every time I decided to get up and do something, I would have to sit down 10 minutes later b/c I was exhausted...really strange.
So while going thru all of this, I really wanted to do something crafty. Everything I touched went wrong. I started on 2 separate projects. One I gave up on, and the other I ruined:o/
I realized the ONLY thing I could do was rearrange things in my house. You can't mess that up. 
I started with my laundry room:o)

I had all of this lying around the house. I really had fun going shopping in my house. I know the hubs appreciates that;o)
Remember the Cowboy Birthday Party I threw for E? Do you remember the table I had the party favors on? Well I pulled out all of the stuff that was piled up in this corner of the laundry room, and put the table there.
I do not have a Before picture, but let's just say it was crazy scary. This is what the rest of the laundry room looks like. Contractor shelving..

 Contractor Paint...
And for all you lucky dogs with the high efficiency washer and dryer....I'm jealous:oP.
 In my nook, I have my styling station. I am a hair stylist...or as one lady called it, I am a beauty operator;o) Love it. The hubs installed this for me, and I love having it. Makes it so much easier now that my clients don't have to flip their head upside down in the kitchen sink;o)
So the plan is to paint, and rip down the shelving. The one project that I destroyed the other day was the shelving that I was going to use to replace the ugly wire shelving. Hubs has that on his to-do list:o) Love him. He always fixes my messes. I am so thankful I have a man who knows how to do manly things:o)

This is a crafty I made without destroying anything:o)
A plaque for the dry cleaner basket. I used plain scrapbook paper, stamps, my cricut, and mod podge to make this little plaque. The actual wooden plaque came from the Dollar Tree. I have another one, and I plan on making S.R. another hair bow holder. The one she has right now is loaded down.
 The other thing I did was fix this container up. A few months ago, I spray painted this container, with the thought I would use it as a beverage container. To see the before, go here.
Well I have come to the realization that I will not use it as a beverage container, and instead of it continuing to collect dust, I am now going to use it to house my cookbooks.
 It looked naked, so I decided to cut some vinyl and pretty it up a bit.
Much better. The picture is slightly fuzzy, sorry.
Tomorrow, I will share another space that I rearranged. Have a great Monday!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Good thing you covered the bases on 'normal'. ;) you know I love you!
I'm itching to do some laundry post, too. Can't wait to see whatcha do. I have HE jealousy too. But, I want a bathroom in the basement more.

Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Laundry rooms must be the thing these days as I've got a makeover about to happen to mine. Well, honestly I only have a laundry closet. I've got the paint and I'm ripping down my hideous wire shelving down too. Hoping to get some done this week. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your "Faith Hope Love" pic...did you make that also? I have bookmarked your blog and will be back :) fun :)
Alison, Australia

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't make the F,H,L pic. I bought it from Hobby Lobby 2 years ago when I was staging my home to sell. So glad that you have joined us:o)