Monday, October 11, 2010

Iron-on Tees

We are back and I am sooooo glad to be home. What a trip! It could have been so much better if we all hadn't gotten sick as soon as we got there:o/. 
There were seven in our condo, and of that seven there were the following:
runny nose
We were a mess. And during all of this, we were spending 10 hour days at the parks. Are we it's Disney. We weren't on our death beds yet:o) Anyway, we had a wonderful/miserable time there. I wish that our friends could have had a better first experience with their families. This was our second. And our third will be several years down the road:o)
While we were down there we got to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Here are some pics from the parade.
Look at the abs on Jasmine....jealous!

 There's the Mouse!

 Love Captain Jack Sparrow

 The kids love Toy Story, and S.R. calls this character "Buzz Right-here"
 E pretends to be Buzz all the time, but when it came to actually getting a picture with him, he wouldn't look at the camera. 
 We eventually got a picture of E's face:o)
 We got to meet some princesses as well. That was fun.
 One of the fave rides for the kids....Buzz Lightyear ride. The hubs is concentrating:o)
 Miss Dare Devil. She scared the lady behind us half to death...we're used to it.
 Dinner with Pluto and Goofy. This was a real treat. All the kids were excited about these characters.

 Dream job right here. This is where they make all the costumes for all the "cast members." The picture is a little blurry b/c we were on a tram, and it was moving kinda fast thru that part.
 I wish that we had felt better because it would have been an awesome trip. Oh well. We are glad to be home, and we are all on antibiotics now....I have bronchitis, yuck!

So when I got home, I hadn't used any creative brain power, so since I am sick I decided to do something easy. I saw these printables at craftjr. I had some iron on transfer paper already. I went to Walmart and got the kids some white long sleeved tees, $3.50 each. 
Here's the iron on transfer paper.
 Here are both of the shirts:
 This one is for S.R.
 And this one is for E
The purple looks a little more pink than it should b/c we are running out of purple ink...but it will do. He won't care, he's 4:o)
So glad to be back, and looking forward to feeling better. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!