Monday, April 5, 2010

Yard Sale Finds and New "Artwork" for E's Room

I hope that you all had a fab Easter weekend. We surely did. It was a gaw-jus weekend, except for the massive thunderstorm that interrupted my yard sale Saturday:o) I did catch a few finds before the bottom completely fell out. That enormous mirror was found on Friday for $1. I am in the process of transforming that Beaut. I was very excited about all the space pics. I'll share the "after" of those in a minute.
 Got this sweet little mirror for $1. The silver platter was $2.
This box of zippers was $5. I was particularly happy about this find. I never have zippers, and now I won't have to buy any for the next 2 decades:o)
 These Japanese lanterns I got for $8. Not sure if I will use them, but if I don't I can always sell them on ebay:o)
So, back to the space pics. They came in wooden frames, and they were all different shades of ugly, so to unify them, I spray painted all the frames black. I got 5 pics for $5 and I had the hubs pick the 3 that he thought would look best. He is the rocket scientist in the family, so I thought it was his right to pick them:o)
 So here's the after...
Hubs even picked the arrangement and style of hanging. He said that my way was boring...lining them up in a row. He was probably right, but don't tell him I said so. Don't need that noggin getting any bigger. We have a hard enough time finding hats for him:o)
Now that wall is no longer nekked and E is very happy about his new posters:o) To see the full post on E's room go here.


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice stash!! Last time I went to yard sales, I didn't find anything!