Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cards "Babies" Can Send

Today is a rainy day. I like a little rain every now and again. We have had some absolutely FAB weather here lately, so I am thankful for a little rain, so that all the things blooming will stay beautiful for a little while longer. Rainy days around here mean getting very little done in the house. I had planned yesterday for today to be a craft day. We started out today making a Thank You note and a We Miss You note for two precious souls at our church. I don't think it's ever too early to show little ones the importance of writing a little note to someone to let them know that you are thankful or that you think they are special. E received a little car from a sweet man on Sunday, and his Sunday school teacher was out for her monthly treatment (which helps her survive). They both deserve cards right now, so we sat down at the coffee table and got to coloring. E is old enough to start writing his letters, so I wrote out the words on blank card stock, and he traced over them with crayon.
S.R. got in on it too and she helped color the "We Miss You" note. She LOVES to color. I think I have a little artist on my hands:o)

 After they were finished coloring their cards, putting stickers on them, and writing out their words, I flipped the cards over and used my "Handmade" stamp, and wrote their names out.
Hopefully there will be a break in the rain so that we can make a trip out to the mail box. This is a big deal to my little ones:o) Later on we will be painting bird houses that I picked up at the $ Tree.


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Stamps and fingerprint art (where you use their finger prints in ink to make stuff like flower petals, bugs and little critters) is fun to let them do at this age too. :)