Monday, April 26, 2010

Painted Stool and Hot Mess Mommy Bag

I have missed you guys! So glad to be back on here. I feel like it has been ages since I talked to ya'll last. Any-who, I have been super busy on finishing up on some projects that have been filling up the "hub's garage." He has had enough of me bringing home all my treasures b/c he says it junks up his garage:o) I don't have pics ready for all the furniture projects that I have completed, but I do have these pics of some gifts I made for a baby shower I attended on Saturday.
I found this little stool at Michael's in their unfinished wood section. It was very inexpensive. I already had the paint on hand, so all I really needed to do was invest some time into painting. I really didn't realize how many coats of acrylic paint I would have to apply, but I just found something else to work on in between coats. I had fun making it and I think it turned out ok for this being my first attempt at doing anything like this. Don't you just love the name Quinn? I can't wait to meet him!

I didn't want to leave the mom out, so I made her a Hot Mess Mommy Bag. My inspiration came from Prudent Baby. They have a section with ideas to make yourself look a little more presentable when you're strapped for time and you haven't had a bath in like 3 days;o) You know you have had one of those days:o)
I made the bag with some fabric I had on hand. I also made a head band and matching bracelet. The rest of the stuff was just picked up from the Dollar Store. Things that always come in handy: mascara, lotion, lip gloss, hair brush, and hair bands. The bag has velcro on the inside all the way across to keep it completely closed, just in case your having a dropsy sorta day. Mommy was very pleased with both gifts...I think;o) Regardless, I had fun making them:o)
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the stool is great! looking forward to seeing the other projects.