Wednesday, March 31, 2010

E's Space Themed Room

The moment you have all been waiting for...the unveiling of E's bedroom. I apologize for the agony you endured over these past few day waiting to see this room...;o) Juuuust Kidding:o) I am very excited to share this room with you. E is completely beside himself; he's so pumped about!
 Now this room, as you can tell was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids' Celestial bedroom. It's not completely the same, but there are a few similarities. I'll start with one of the two most difficult projects, the fabric mural over the bed.
This puppy took around 6 hours of knee and elbow pain to complete. We have hard wood floors, and I was on my elbows and knees drawing this out on the fabric. I had my lap top next to me, with the pic of PBK's version($99) on the screen, and with a white paint pen, drew everything out. I had some painters plastic underneath the fabric b/c it did bleed thru. I used 2 yards of navy fabric. It was $1.99/yd. at Hobby Lobby. All I had to do to get it ready was hem the edges, and make a loop at the top and bottom of the mural for rods to slide thru. The paint pens were on the expensive side, and I had to use 2 1/2. They were $4.74 each. I got dowel rods, but it would probably have been better to get something like PVC pipe b/c the hubs had to piece 2 dowels together to make a 6 foot length, and it isn't as sturdy as it should no fault of the hubs of course. You can only do so much with the materials that you have been provided with:o) Anyway, the dowels were spray painted with silver paint, and then slid into place on top and bottom of the mural. Two eye hooks on top and some twine and there ya have it:o)
The rug. I found this 3x5 rug at Marshall's for $12.99. I used white fabric paint and a stencil brush to make the stars and dots, and a paint pen to write the words. This took about 2 hours to paint. PBK inspired as well($99 for theirs):o)
A cute little night light from Target. Paid too much for it($12.99...ack!) But it was too cute:o)
E is VERY attached to his blankets, so I made a special place for them. The basket was a gift for him when he was born, the red plaque I had on hand as well. Just sprayed a little chalk board spray paint on it and threaded some yarn thru the loops. Attached it on the inside with a safety pin.
I painted the rocket ship on the canvas, and positioned it so that it looked like the rocket was shooting to the moon. I love this moon and so does E. It came from Toys R Us. It was $22.99. I thought it was perfect for the room. It comes with a remote control, so you can see the different phases of the moon. E likes playing with it at night and has been using it as a night light as well. The great thing about this is that it goes off after a certain amount of time, usually after he has fallen asleep:o)
The SHOW STOPPER! I got this ceiling fan from Home Depot. A friend of mine from church told me about this fan and I had to go check it out. I had no intention of purchasing it, but when I got there I couldn't pass it up. E LOVES, LOVES, LOVES IT!! He has been telling everyone about it:o)
Here the globe is lit. 
The ceiling was the second of the hardest projects. Painting in a different direction just wears on ya:oP. Anywho, it took 2 coats of blue on the ceiling to finish it off, and then I added the vinyl stars. Thanks to my awesome neighbor who has a Cricut machine, I was able to cut these stars quickly and it was a lot cheaper than ordering them from PBK(20 something bux for 100). I purchased the vinyl for $7.99 from Hobby Lobby. I was able to get around 200 stars and the letters for this sign:
Not too shabby ehh? The sign is just a board we had in the garage, some Cherry Red Krylon spray paint, and the vinyl letters attached. Easy peasy!
 Sorry about the BLINDING LIGHT! The sun shows thru E's window VERY well:o) Here's the view of the other side of the room. I had the comforter on hand, and I bought the pillow from Marshall's for $9.99. I wanted to put a red star with the letter E on it, but I haven't gotten around to it.
 The What Not shelf. It houses all of E's Curious George stuff. He loves George, not as much as he used to, but he still has to watch him every morning:o) I love it:o) The red frame on top was purchased for $2.99. It was actually white and was supposed to be a boat, but I thought it had a rocket shape, so I painted it red, and eventually it will have a photo in it:o)
The room isn't finished yet. There are a few minor things to take care of, and one major thing. The major project is to paint some planets and hang them from the ceiling. PBK"s run for $199...ain't happ-nin. I plan on buying some bouncy balls of various sizes and painting them. I "think" it will work;o) Anyway, let me know you think. I would love to hear some feedback.


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! I've always wanted to do a boys space themed room, but they were never interested. Working on making a sports themed now. :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

nice! well worth the wait. ;)

Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it! You rock! The fan is definately worth whatever you paid! It sets the room off! Nice work Mom!

Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

The room looks awesome! I think your pottery barn-inspired projects are more than just saving you money. they show your family that they are worth your time and loving effort to give them something special.
I looked up the celestial bedding online and you were right on the money with the rug and wall-hanging!!

Brad said... Best Blogger Tips

Consider styrofoam balls for the planets - you can get them at hobby lobby. You can even make foam rings for Saturn. Science fair style. ;)

Good work!

One of The Girls said... Best Blogger Tips

Crystal, You never cease to amaze me! Great job! I can see why E loves it so much!

Liz said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE it! This is very similar to my son's room, down to the moon light and fan(we have the same ones). Have you noticed that the fan doesn't give much light though? It just takes those little chandelier bulbs. I love it, but I feel like his room is so dark.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love the room! What paint colors did you use?