Friday, April 2, 2010

Yard Sales

Lovin' me some of this weather, and that means YARD SALES! I am heading out this morning and tomorrow morning. If I come back with some fab deals today, I'll post them this afternoon...if not, I'll see you all back here on Monday. Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Have fun yard sale-ing!! About the button, I made it in power point. once I get it up like I want I'll do a 'how to'. (let's see how long that takes me! ha!)

Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

You're lucky. We don't really have Friday yardsales here. Maybe one a month.

Brandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hit some yard sales today too! Got a 7 foot slim christmas tree for 5 dollars! I know its not christmas but I thought it was a good deal!