Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabulous Yard Sale Weekend

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. We had some BEAUTIMOUS weather. Perfect for some yard sales. This time of year is so exciting for me b/c everyone starts to remove years of accumulated junk...or what they perceive as mother refers to them as "treasures." But she doesn't pronounce it that way. It's more like tre-shuuures. Just a little country twang in it:o) Anyway, I live very close to a neighborhood that is VERY affluent. It's where the money makers go to live. They host two major neighborhood yard sale weekends every year. One in the spring and one in the fall. I was so pumped Friday night, that I didn't hardly sleep a wink. My neighbor and I were out the door just before 6:30 to see what treasures were waiting on us. Now she isn't a big shopper, but I buy everything in sight. I haggle till my eye balls are ready to pop out, and try to come home with great deals. My major big purchase was this bench.
It was $50, but I was able to talk the lady down to $40. They used this bench on their back porch to take their shoes off, but I am going to use it on the back side of my breakfast table. Hubs was proud of this purchase. He normally rolls his eyes at everything I bring home b/c he sees another project that will require his attention to detail. Something I don't lack, but don't have as much of:o) He wants to sand it down and stain it the same color as the top of the table. I love that idea:o)
This set of cabinets was $10 for all of them. Solid Cherry...ahthankuverymuch!This cabinet used to be over their kitchen sink. I think we are going to put some legs on this and make it a bench.
There are also 3 "spice" cabinets...not sure what we will do with them??
Here are some dresses I got for S.R. They are so cute. Two of them are smocked and the other two have some sweet embroidery on them. This top one is a Strasburg. I paid $8 for it:o)
The tall lamp I paid $3 for(will go in the living room), and the small one I paid $2 for(S.R.'s room). The shelf is from P.B. It was $8. I am using it as a side table b/c it is so large. Pics to follow soon. The large pic frame was $4.
Mag. rack $2, the ugly pic 25 cents. The flowers were a quarter too.
These little wall shelves were $1.50 ea. Not sure where those are going yet. And the thing with the little cupcake on it is an apron and chef's hat. Too cute to pass up. It still has the tags on it.
I thought this little shelf was so sweet. Very old, and all it needs is some hinges to make it functional. I'm not going to do a thing to the finish b/c it's perfect...perfectly imperfect that is:o)
A Radio Flyer tricycle. The kids were super pumped over this. $12. Now if we can get them to SHARE! 
And of course Buzz. E will not put him down. He LOVES him some Buzz:o) Well I hope that you have enjoyed checking out my finds for the weekend. Hopefully you found some treasures of your own. I would love to hear about them, or shoot me an email with some pics. I love hearing from you guys! Have a great day!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I can just see J rolling his eyes! (probably looks just like Kev) ;) no yard sale treasures here. my treasure was my 4 wk old sleeping 6 to 8 hrs at night all weekend! i'll take it! :D