Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Perspective, & Yard Sale Finds Get a Home

What another beautiful day! Here lately I have been waking up and thinking what a lucky girl I am. I have a great hubby whom I adore and am ever so grateful for his hard work. I have two sweet little precious babies who are my life. And I am surrounded by people that I love. Life is good. However, this morning has been a little different. The blessings were a little harder to see...because my day started just shortly after 5 a.m. S.R. has been having nightmares..poor lil one:( And E. is suffering from allergies, so he has been snortin', coughin', gaggin', and sneezin'. Not much sleep happnin; here. After getting S.R. settled next to daddy, I went and laid down with E. I opened his blinds to let in the morning light. It was the time of morning when there is that light mist and the sky is purple and pink. Beautiful! Then I thought, "Thank you dear Lord in heaven above for giving me this life with these precious souls". And then E. started singing...not sure what, but at that moment everything was perfect and good. I am so truly blessed. So needless to say, today will be a day of taking care of my precious sweet ones and projects will be put on hold, so that I can get some snuggle time in.
Here are some pics of a few of the yard sale finds from last weekend that have found a new home:o)
In this pic, $3 lamp and 25 cent flower arrangement. I plan on putting the decorative shelves above the chair when I get around to painting them.
$8 shelf on the wall being used as a side table. Someday, when I paint the walls a crisp light blue, all these accessories will POP. But for now they will just have to be blendy:o)
I hope that you all have a great day! I know that I will since I'm gettin' me some luvin' from my babies:o) HUGS!


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Days/night like that always make me appreciate the quiet 'normal' ones that everyone sleeps. Hope your babies feel better and you guys get a nap! Unfortunately when those days come to my house I can't have a nap because of our schedule. Sometimes I miss those times back when my oldest were little and there was no where we had to be. ;)