Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hair Bow Holder

Yesterday, the kids had a birthday party to attend. It was at one of those indoor bounce house places. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the place. The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed catching up with all the moms. When trying to figure out what I wanted to give the birthday girl, I was kinda stumped. I didn't want to buy any toys b/c she has tons of toys, and I knew that she would be getting more. I didn't want to sew anything b/c it's just been too sunny, and I didn't want to be stuck in my windowless craft room. So while at Walmart, I ran across some wooden plaques in the craft section. They were super cheap. This one had the most interesting detail, so I picked it. I also bought some ribbon that I thought would match her bedroom.

The letters for her name are stickers. I had those on hand in my scrapping stash. The background is scrapbook paper. I glued the background to the plaque and after it dried, used my Exacto knife to cut off the excess paper.  After applying the letters of her name, I pulled out the ole trusty Mod Podge, and slathered on two coats. After everything was dry, I hot glued the ribbon on to the back of the plaque.
I didn't measure how long the ribbons were, I just kind of guessed at how long they needed to be. I made one for S.R. last year, and I didn't quite get the ribbons long enough. Guess I am going to be making her another one..like this one:o)
I also made her a little hair bow out of the same ribbon. I am usually pretty terrible at making hair bows, but this one actually turned out the way it was supposed to:o) Imagine that:o)
 This project costs less that $5 to make and it was super easy. Just remember THAT when you see those super expensive hair bow holders on Etsy, Ebay, and in Boutique stores:o)


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always better to make your own. ;) you did such a good job with it!!