Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pottery Barn's Hadley Ruched Duvet Knock Off

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  S.R. has a sinus infection right now, so things have been a little off kilter around here.
I still haven't been able to use my chalk paint yet, but I am really looking forward to it:o)
 I did get the chance to finish a project that I have been working on.
A couple of weeks ago the Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail. I always get excited when those things come because they have so many beautiful things in them. 
When I saw the Hadley Ruched Duvet Cover, I wanted it....badly. Isn't it beautiful?
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn
I really wanted it for MY bed, but the hubs and the color white aren't on good terms, so I knew that having it in our room was a no-go:o/ The guest room needs a makeover, so I decided to put it there.
I knew that this was something that I could make. Pottery Barn sells this duvet cover for $179.00. That's just the cover...if you don't have a duvet, then there is another added cost. So after studying the picture for a few days, I figured it out, and I was able to make mine for $75...that's INCLUDING the purchase of a duvet($24.99 King Size at Target):o)
Here's mine:
Want to know how I did it?
Here's what you need:
3 King size Flat sheets(this is for a queen bed)-$15 each at Walmart
4 or 5 packs of 1" wide Twill tape- around a $1 each...I think...(you could also use bias tape here)
White thread

To begin.....
Wash and dry all 3 sheets.  
Cut the tops of the sheets off.
See picture:

Take 2 sheets and stitch cut ends together. Press open seam. 

This next part was a tad tricky for me in the beginning. I thought I would try to measure everything out to figure where I needed to have the long baste stitch lines, but it proved to be more of a hassle, sooooo

I folded the sheet in quarters lengthwise(in half, then halvsies again) and stretched it down the hallway to make sure that everything was folded correctly and smoothly. 
Press down all of the edges with a HOT iron using your steam. These lines will be your guide for your stitch lines.
Head to your machine, and use a basting stitch the entire length of the sheet. You will do this 5 times. 3 for the interior lines and 1 vertical line on either side of the outer edges.
You will be covered in fabric:o)
Once all of your lines have been sewn, you will need to start gathering. Find the little string on the end and start pulling. This takes FO-EVUH because you have to be careful not to break the string.
Lay it across the 3rd sheet and make all edges match up with the bottom sheet. You want to try to keep all of the gathers even.

Get your twill tape out and start pinning it across your stitch lines. Make sure to get your pins fairly close so that the gathers will not loosen when you pick up the top.
Stitch the twill tape down one side and them the other side.
Lay your finished top back on the 3rd sheet face down. Pin around the perimeter.

Make sure to leave a gap so that you will be able to insert your duvet later.
Stitch the perimeter.
Turn right side out and insert duvet. Fold in edges of opening, pin, and stitch.
Then you are done:o)

Pottery Barn's version has button holes for easy removal, but since this bed will not be used a lot, I am not worried about removing the duvet.

This project is fairly simple, but can be daunting with the amount of fabric you have to deal with.
I would say this project is for intermediate to advanced sewers.

So what do you think?

Is it a keeper?
It's totally girly:o)
It just needs some really cute pillows to match....thinking those will be purchased;o)

So again here's the comparison.


And Pottery Barn's

I think it's a keeper;o) And it saved me a whopping $129(not including the purchase of the duvet)!

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stephanied said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow. That is so amazing. You are so talented!

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks girl:o)

hcrjfrandall said... Best Blogger Tips

Incredible! Love it! I was getting dizzy just looking at all of that fabric....WOW what beautiful work!

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, that's gorgeous. I even like yours better than Pottery Barn's. Hope S feels better soon! Leah needs a playdate :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so pretty and I am thinking it might be something for me to try for the new guestroom I just finished texturing and painting!

A Bunch of Hicks said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW!! That is beautiful, you did a great job!!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said... Best Blogger Tips

HOLY MOLY! That is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I can hardly get my jaw off the ground . . . incredible work! We're moving soon and I've been trying to decide what to do for our next bedroom . . . this duvet is definitely a top contender now ;-) Thanks for the tutorial--you did an amazing job!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

seven thirty three said... Best Blogger Tips

So jealous! I could never pull that off! Thanks for sharing. :)

JoEllen said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw you on Knock of Decor and I just love that duvet cover from PB!! I agree that it is a little feminine, and my hubby would NEVER do white, but for a guest room? It's perfect! Your tutorial is awesome. You really did an amazing job!

I'm Amy. Or Melynne. Whatever. said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful! To save time on the gathering, wouldn't it work to adjust the tension and let the machine do the gathering instead of having to pull the threads? Just a thought. I love this and am totally going to recreate it!

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

@I'm Amy. Or Melynne. Whatever.
I would love to know how to do that. Any pointers? That would make things a lot quicker!!

Karen Bernhardt said... Best Blogger Tips

AMAZING! And your description makes this sound totally doable - I'm inspired!

Tanya said... Best Blogger Tips

It's beautiful -- absolutely every bit as nice as the original and at a way better price!

shalynn said... Best Blogger Tips

you did a fabulous job! and the tutorial is very easy to follow. i may be sewing this in the near future. thanks!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said... Best Blogger Tips

I am crazy about this duvet! It's amazing! So I featured it on my blog today:

Thanks so much for the great idea and tutorial! I love it!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, love it! You did an awesome job! Not sure if I would have the patience!


Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this! I'd love to make a small one for my little girls room. Maybe in pink!

The Hodges said... Best Blogger Tips

This is AMAZING! I wonder though, how you would do it for a king size bed? Any suggestions?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! Nice work.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks just like the real deal! I'm so jealous of your sewing talents!!

Whit said... Best Blogger Tips

wow I love it!!!! great job I have been looking for inspiration to make my bedding and i love this. I pinned it thank you for sharing.

A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

Julie G said... Best Blogger Tips

This is beautiful! Thanks to your tutorial I made one for my guest room last week - I linked to your tutorial in my latest post.

Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE it!! And you made it seem so easy! I bet if you used upholstery thread, you wouldn't have the thread breakage issues. I've tugged on that stuff with all my might and it has never broken on me. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What do I think? I think I need to pay you to make me one, that's what I think Ü I wanna try this soooooooo badly, but the last time I sat in front of a sewing machine was in 1982 when I had to make an ugly apron in Home Ec class....SEE! I truly adore your duvet cover....sigh.

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Crystal! Your duvet is simply gorgeous! I can't believe it is made form plain sheet - so pretty! You did an amazing job - look fantastic. Thank you so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party. I featured this Sunday! Hope you have a lovely week ~ Stephanie Lynn

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

@Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming
Thanks so much Stephanie! Truly an honor!!

Kayleen@TheJohnsonHome said... Best Blogger Tips

This is amazing. I was just looking at a bedspread like this online and LOVED it. So I googled how to make one and got your blog. I am so impressed and the instructions are so clear. I am your newest follower. I would love you to follow me back. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

This is amazing, I just saw the Hadley Duvet last night and fell in love, but was trying to get around paying $180! Thank you so much!!

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great knock off! I've featured this post on Copy Cat Crafts today, you can view it here

We'd love it if you'd like to display a featured button! You can grab your button on the right hand side of your post. Thanks!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

A great trick to take away some of the tedious string pulling gathering: increase the stitch length on your machine and also increase the tension. It will naturally gather the material creating a ruffle. Be careful to test it, as different tensions result in more/less dramatic gathering. :)

Maggie Mae said... Best Blogger Tips

@The Hodges
Pottery Barns King Duvet measures: 92" x 108"

Make your bottom fabric 92 x 108" PLUS seem allowances.

Pottery Barn King Sheets measure:
Flat Sheet: 108 x 105"

The top has to be the same width, but twice the length.

I think Crystal used King sheets because she wanted the bed spread to hang down farther on the sides and end of the bed.

Another way to gather the sheet would be to zig zag over string, secure it at one end and pull it at the other to gather. Or buy a ruffler foot for your sewing machine.

Maggie Mae said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job Crystal! Thanks for sharing.

Tristen said... Best Blogger Tips

I have been staring at the Pottery Barn duvet cover and thinking I could make it myself as well. Glad I looked it up online, thanks for sharing!!

Torie Reed said... Best Blogger Tips

I have been trying to find a ruched duvet cover, but am not a huge fan of the colors I have found so far! Making them out of sheets is such a great idea! (if only I could sew!) This post just inspired me to learn how!!

Thanks for sharing your talent!


Veronica said... Best Blogger Tips
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Veronica said... Best Blogger Tips

Just found your -amazing!- tutorial but have a quick question... I need to make a twin duvet, not queen. Would subbing in 3 twin sheets for the 3 kings be enough fabric to create the same effect? Thanks SO much!!

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

@Mrs. BYou may be able to get away with one or two queen sheets? I am not sure...Sorry I can't be more help!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! Going to make it, and blog about your wonderful tutorial!!!!

suers said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, this is beautiful. I have the same problem with the white due to husband and dogs and cats. So was thinking a soft cocoa brown color would be very pretty too. Not as classy as white, but more sense to me. Yours is awesome!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I am in awe!! I am going to try this! can you tell me...does the twill tape end up being on the inside or outside when complete?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You are absolutely amazing! All night I've been looking for a cheaper version of that duvet cover, and had no luck at all so I decided to look into making my own and I found your incredibly helpful post! Thanks so much, you're a lifesaver!

KellyB said... Best Blogger Tips

I would LOVE to make this for my King bed - would I need to add in an additional sheet for it to be long enough on each side of the bed?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I just made this Duvet cover yesterday from your tutorial. It was super easy! It only took me about 3 hours to make. I will be posting my pictures soon on my blog.

I made it in a vintage turquoise color to go in my daughters room. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for being creative!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

A brilliant job - looks just as good as the Pottery Barn version :-)

I would absolutely love for you to share this at Empty Your Archive - we are linking up posts on bed linen this week, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

I've finally realized that the Pottery Barn style is the decorating style I've been drifting toward for a while now. Your tutorial is super easy to follow and you make it look so easy! I love your end result and am planning on trying this myself. Hubs will just have to deal and as far as the white goes, I look at it as the easiest color to clean :)

fluffy762002 said... Best Blogger Tips

I just love this duvet cover, I'm recreating it for my daughter's bedroom. I looked closer at the photo and realized the twill take sits on the top of the cover, not underneath. So it covers up each place the original thread is right? Just double checking. Thank you so much!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips
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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips
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