Monday, December 20, 2010

Some Teachers' Gifts and A Weekend Holiday Tour

What a whirlwind weekend we had! I hope that you all had a great one. I'm sure several of you were attending last minute holiday parties and finishing your shopping. I FINALLY got my shopping done. Now, all we have to do this week is sit back and relax. The hubs is off work for the next two weeks. Life is grand:o)
Here's a quick overview of the gifts that I gave E's teachers at preschool.

I started with these fleece blankets from Walmart. They were $3 for the set. Not bad, eh?
Since they were already rolled up, I tied a ribbon around each of the blankets.

 I also found these mugs at Walmart. They were $2 a piece.
 I cut out some vinyl with my Cricut and applied it to each of the mugs. I love the first one...the initials are "M.E." How funny! Inside of the mugs I put a pack of hot cocoa, red crinkle filler and dipped white chocolate marshmallows. 
 I got these acrylic trays from my neighbor. She has started a little vinyl applique side business. She had a few extras left over, so I bought them off of her. I love these trays. I think they turned out so pretty!
 I also added peppermint cupcake jars in with the other goodies. Let me just say that those were DIVINE! They were so delicious. These gifts were such a huge hit with all the teachers. They were so excited.
 In other news....we had our 2nd annual Holiday Walk in the neighborhood this past weekend. There were 8 houses on the tour and ours was on it. I have pics to share of our house. Some will be repeats from an earlier post...please humor me:o)
For the previous post (and better shots of my living room tree) go Here
Our Master Bedroom:
just a little side note...I am fully aware NOW that almost all of our trees are frustrating!!:o)

 Dining Room

 Love these napkin rings from Pottery Barn!!!

 E's Room

 Space themed tree...I was a little disappointed in this tree. After Christmas I am going on a hunt for 2 white trees. One for the Hubs' office and one for E's room. All the ornaments on this tree are dark and they blend in with the green of the tree. Maybe I'll do silver in here...we'll see:o)
 SR's room.
Living Room

 Can you see the curtains in the kitchen window? No sew curtains using a canvas drop cloth. I'll do another post on those soon.
 Here's an updated shot of the Menu Board with the new wall color behind it. It stands out so much better now.
 Our appetizers that we served. 
 These little cookies were so yummy. Turtles I believe is what the kids are calling them these days. Pretzels, rolos and a nut of your choice(I used almonds). Super easy. You can find the recipe here
 Our upstairs guest room
 Bonus room (1/2 of it at least).I had another shot, but it was so fuzzy:(
 These little goody bags were the favors that we handed out to our guests. Head over to Cookies and Cups for this great party mix!
Our house tour was AWESOME! There were so many nice neighbors that were going on and on about how much they loved the house and how it was decorated. Even the men were talking about how much they loved it. Made me feel proud:o) The hubs even paid me a high compliment..He told me that sometimes he forgets how talented I really am. That really made me feel nice:o) Anyway, this is it for me for this week. We will be maxin' and relaxin' until after Christmas. I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

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Cyn said... Best Blogger Tips

The mugs turned out so cute!

Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

The mugs are so cute! The cupcakes sounds really good!! Tempted to make a version for my peppermint loving toddler for her birthday in a couple of months.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful! Come to STL and help me get my house set up. Although, we would probably be laughing so much we wouldn't get anything done. Come anyway! ;)

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!