Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Home for the Holidays

I do realize that there are fewer days until Christmas now;o)
I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time and my eye twitching has ceased for now;o) I have a special request to ask of you guys. My father-in-law broke his knuckle while playing football with all the kids. He had surgery yesterday and they had to put 2 pins in his hand. It is going to take 2 months for his hand to heal and he's a diabetic, so there is a chance for complications. Please pray for a quick and uneventful recovery for him. Thanks in advance!

I, like the rest of you have pulled out all of the Christmas decorations. This house is extremely festive. I am sharing some of the decorations in my house today. 
Here is the long awaited and anticipated tree that I purchased from Craigslist before Turkey day...I told you it was big:o) The decorations are from Dillards purchased by my mother. She had intended them to be on her tree this year, but much to her dismay and much to my pleasure, they didn't look right in her living room. I think they look FABULOUS right where they are;o) Thank you Mother!!
The skirt has fur trim...It is so pretty.

My Sheet Music Wreath. I didn't work too hard on this center piece. So many other things took being S.R. with her croup....she is on steroids, and she is wacked out right now. No sleep last night and full of herself right now:o)

 Our dining room. I plan on changing out the table decor soon. I have some Pottery Barn gift cards to spend:o) I cannot wait to go shopping there! I just need to get everyone well so that I can:o)
The kitchen table....notice anything different? Could it possibly be those sweet little chairs at the table??:o) I'll share the seat cushions tomorrow.
I found this Amaryllis plant at Target today for $7. I think this would make a great hostess gift.

Upstairs bedroom...part of it, at least:o) I finally got this room cleaned. This is usually where I do all my cutting and ironing while sewing. It's also the dumping grounds for anything I really don't know what to do with but don't want to get rid of:o) I have gone on a major cleaning spree the past few days.
Close up of my little tree from Dollar General. This tree was $5. I have lights on it, but I need an extension cord so that I can plug it in.
The bonus room. Another "gift" from my mother is the garland across the entertainment center. 
And here is the tree in the bonus room. Yesterday the kids and I made gingerbread men ornaments. They are on the tree somewhere:o)
The sad thing about all of this is that this isn't the entirety of my decorating. I still have 2 more trees that I haven't shown you. The one is E's room and the one in our bedroom. I can share those another day. I must be off to go take care of my little ones. Have a great day, and Merry Decorating!
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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

it's all beautiful! puts me in a decorating mood. I'm trying to wait until this weekend so C doesn't have to always have xmas decor in the background of her bday pics. :)

said... Best Blogger Tips

Your tree is GORGEOUS!!! I love the BIG elements : )