Tuesday, January 28, 2014

100 Days of School Projects

Are you all staying warm? We are making a go at it. 
We got a little more snow this morning along with a 2 hour delay for schools because of the frigid temperatures. What a weird winter it has been this year!
Today was class picture day, so I grabbed a quick shot of the kids with the snow. Can you tell they were freezing?!
Last week, the kids hit a milestone for the school year. They hit the 100 day mark. To celebrate, they had projects for homework. Gotta love it, right?
E had a Krispy Kreme doughnut hat that he had to glue 100 items on. He decided to be a parrot. We glued the feathers on, and colored a picture of Blue off of Rio...I know he is a blue macaw, but it worked for what we were doing. Unfortunately after gluing all the feathers on, we realized that the hat wouldn't fit his big noggin'. 
But he still looked cute!
 S.R. wanted to make a baby doll blanket for her 100 Days project.
She actually helped out quite a bit in making this blanket.
 She got this sewing machine for Christmas, and was super excited to finally get to use it.
She did a great job keeping a straight line, too!
 The quilt has 100 circles, in case you were wondering;o)
They were very proud of their projects and grateful for the help I gave them. It always makes my heart proud when my children show gratitude!
And speaking of projects, I am finally tackling the playroom. We are turning it into a home-school room for next school year...yep, you read right. We will be homeschooling...ahh! 
So, there are a lot of projects that need to be done, and I am going to hopefully get most of them accomplished before school ends for the summer.
I'll share what all we have planned for the room in my next post.
Until then, stay warm!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the circles! Squares would have been easier, but you're right about the circles fitting the project. ;)
We'll be praying for your homeschool endeavors!!

Nermari said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh! Make sure to share your HS room on FB or instagram. I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine and somehow I get the feeling that your ideas will be a lot cuter than mine ;)