Wednesday, December 5, 2012

D.S.C.C.W.-Waterless Snow Globe

Last week I ran across a really cute Dollar Store craft over at the CSI project.
They were waterless snow globes. This particular craft is what got the wheels turning for this week's projects.
 Our snow globes look slightly different than the ones from CSI. So far, these are the kids' favorite Christmas craft:o)
The base for their snow globes are the same from the Snowman Ornament. They are found at the Hob.
I let them paint their bases any color they chose...I was definitely surprised by S.R.'s choice, but I think it's because she knows it's mommy's favorite color:o)
They both got to pour the sugar into the bowls. I used 1/4 c of sugar in each.
I handled the hot gluing. As you can see there was a tad bit of over kill on the hot glue:o)
So I added the ribbon around the the gunky glue area to clean it up. Super cute, super cheap, and super fun!!
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