Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Hubs Birthday

I have a few minutes to kill right now. I have to be at a baby shower in about 30 minutes but I am waiting on some blondies to I thought I would share the hubs little birthday celebration we had for him on Thursday. He turned 37 this year. He feels so old:o) I thought it would cheer him up to have a little family party with all of his favorite things.
The kids colored this sign for him and I put it on the front door to greet him when he got home.
Here was the goody table. We didn't actually have super that night:o)
Just junk
He really likes spicy things...I added a few snacks that the kids could tolerate:o)
I made the party hats at the last minute. I have a Superman cricut cartridge and it had a party hat design. Super quick. I just drew 37's on all of them. 

 Here they are eating bacon...who doesn't love bacon??
 I love this shot!
 This was his "cake." Since I knew we were going to be loaded down on cake with E's party, I thought I would get a little creative with this one. Hubs LOVES Krispy Kreme donuts. I bought a dozen of the chocolate glazed...only 10 made it home;o) I stacked them in a pyramid shape. I then added scoops of Moose Tracks ice cream in the center of each donut and then poured magic shell on top of that....3 of his most favorite things to eat:o) 
Here he his blowing out 1 candle...I thought I would be sweet and not torture him with an extra 36 candles:o)
 The donut cake seemed to be a hit with everyone!

 S.R. is known for her crazy looks....
 every once and a while we get some cheese:o)
 Love these sweet faces!
I'd say this isn't such a bad way to turn 37, do you?


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like fun! Kevin just turned 35 and is feeling 'old'. ;) We where just talking about you all last night when Kevin was torturing himself with some homemade spicy barbeque sauce. He went through 3 cups of milk! I told him it reminded me of our trips to Formosa way back when. Miss those times!