Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Ready for E's Super hero party

I am in the beginning stages of decorating for E's Super Hero Party. Blue, red, black and yellow are slowly creeping into my home decor. E knows that the day is nearing, and he can hardly stand it. Every morning he asks the same I five years old yet? Can you tell he is beyond excited:o)
Things are going to be nuts around here next week. I learned from doing S.R.'s party that decorating a week in advance really takes the pressure off right before the big day. Plus, the kids get to enjoy the awesome birthday decor for longer than a couple of hours.
The poster isn't finished yet. I am trying to decide whether to put an E in the middle with the Super Shield, or do the number 5.
  I am thinking about selling it after the party, so that makes me want to lean towards the 5.
Any thoughts?
 I am still trying to figure out what to do with these lanterns. I got them from a yard sale a few years back. They are Pottery Barn and they came with a string of lights to go inside each lantern. They may be hanging from the chandy in the kitchen...who knows:o)
 Here is the Batman table runner I told you guys about the other day. It was really simple to assemble and I have the pattern for you to download HERE if you are interested. 

All you need is 1 yard of 44" fabric. 
Cut 2 strips 10.5" x 36" Use the pattern on the ends of the strips.
Download Here

 Stitch all the way around using a 1/4" seam allowance and leave an opening. Trim corners and curves, flip right side out, press, and sew a running stitch around the perimeter. Very easy!
You can get 2 runners out of 1 yard.

Alright then....
and this will be the food table.

I have several more decorations to put up including some over sized spider webs. They are actually Halloween decorations, but they fit perfectly since Spiderman is one of the super heroes.  

In other news...look what the hubs got me yesterday. Isn't he a sweety?
Oh yeah, I ran 3 miles this morning...wahoo...first time in like 12 years! I have been running with some friends. We(the hubs and I)are too cheap to pay a gym membership:o)
Happy Thursday!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I think everything looks fabulous and kuddos to you for being so organized and prepared before the day of the party.
I'm working on a superhero themed room for my 2 year old and am just thrilled with your party decorations. Way to go.
One idea for the poster, use that poster tak for the symbol and then you can change it when you sell it. That way it can be customized for the buyer.

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the decorations! It looks amazing. Love also that you ran 3 miles :)

K.M.L said... Best Blogger Tips

I might have missed it, but how did you create the poster? It's awesome!

djjdjdjdjd said... Best Blogger Tips

@K.M.LI found pictures of the comic book covers online. Just search the particular super hero. I copied them and sent them to Costco to be printed out. I got the largest foam board that Hobby Lobby carried, and them started lining up the photos, sticking them to the board one by one. I them added the vinyl E at the end. Hope this helps!