Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook Page

Remember when I got off of Facebook a few months ago? Can I just say how liberating that has been? I have spent a lot less time caring about who just ate at which restaurant, and who just wiped their hind parts...really, people will put ANYTHING on Facebook.
I am back on the social networking bandwagon, but in a slightly different way. I have been on Facebook for a while now, but I am using it strictly for coupons. 
I had several people catching up on my post updates through FB and then I disappeared:o)
I have a new page opened up that is for Fussy Monkey Business. 
So if you get the urge to "like" me on Facebook, go for it! I like it when people like me:o)
And if you "friend request" me, don't get your feelings hurt when I don't "friend" I said earlier, I am using it just for coupons and now updates for my blog. 
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I have some new treasures I will be sharing with you all soon!