Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring-y Dress for S.R.

Yesterday we had some nasty storms. I knew they were coming and new there was a chance of no electricity, so instead of preparing our supper early, I decided to make a dress...b/c you know a sewing machine needs electricity;o)
I had the fabric on hand, and I had an inspiration dress. To see said dress, go HERE
 The creator of the inspiration dress has her own blog, Girl.Inspired. She has so many cute ideas, and is one talented lady. I have been following her for a couple of months now, and she has given me so many ideas. Definitely take the time to check out her blog.
Here is  a close up of the top of the dress. 

When I was making the top, I thought I was being crafty in the way I was constructing the dress. However, I forgot to take into consideration that there needed to be a place for the straps to go...on the back that is:o) So I came up with a quick solution. I put button holes in the back as well, and just ran the strap thru it. Turned out cute, don't you think?

S.R. is always excited about a new dress, and I am excited for her to have something nice and Spring-y;o)


Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! Adorable and the colors are so bright and summery!

Stef said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Crystal!

That turned out so cute! Very clever fix for the strap problem! I'm sure your daughter will love running around in it this summer - the colors are so bright and cheerful. Just lovely!


Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

You always make me want to learn how to sew! Love how this turned out!

Melanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this dress! I have been browsing tutorials and after a while so many dresses start to look the same. Not this one! It really stands out. Love it! Now if I could just figure out how to make a similar one.