Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Free Easter Printable

Two posts today...weird I know. I am in the middle of helping with E's Easter party, and I had a free printable I wanted to share with you. This is sort of a last minute thing. The other day I ran across THIS post over at Joy Ever After. She had this really cute idea using peeps, and tags. I thought, PERFECT! We can use these printables as party favors for all of the little ones. But then I realized it was for the cards and not the tags that were available for printing:o(
So I just spent the last little bit making these. 

They are similar, and they will definitely do the trick.
To download this printable, go
 I'll share the little baggies that we are attaching these tags to tomorrow.
You can find a picture of how we used these tags


Suzie said... Best Blogger Tips

so cute!
I'm featuring these on my blog today.