Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Ours started bright and early this morning:o) I wanted to share the kids' Valentine's cards that they will be handing out.
These are for E to pass out today to all of his little buddies....all 22 of them. 
 The inspiration came from Better Homes and Gardens. These took FO-EVUH  to make, but they are super cute. Who cares that as soon as the little ones take hold of this that they will be ripping this sweet little robot to bits....not me:o} 
 This is the back. I made E write his name on EVERY single one of these cards. He was very unhappy about it. Especially since it was 22 times, but he got it done....btw, I erased the rest of his name for privacy purposes;o)
 Since S.R. isn't in preschool yet, I let her hand out goodies to her buds at church yesterday. She felt so big:o)
For this free printable, head over to Skip to my Lou.
 This is for E's teacher. The inspiration for this box came from eighteen25.
 A look inside
Hopefully you haven't waited until the last mili-second to get your V-day cards in order:o)
Have a good one!!
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