Friday, February 18, 2011

Giveaway #3..Little bit of the Inspired Word

The Bible is our go-to for anything and everything that we need. We are a family that is focused on the Lord. He has given us so many wonderful blessings, and we praise Him everyday, thanking Him for His goodness. Over the past year, I have really consumed myself in the Scriptures, and have enjoyed my renewed love for God. The pages of my Bible are no longer stiff, but are soft from being used so often. That's a really good feeling, isn't it? Soft Bible pages.
The hubs really enjoys reading "The Books of the Bible" version of the Word. It has no chapters or verses. It's reading the Bible as it was letter form. It seems to take the pressure off of running to the Bible for answers and allows you to just read and feel inspired.

 The Books of the Bible is a presentation of Today's New International Version in case you  were wondering.
It's easier to read that some of the older versions of the Bible. 

So here's how to enter:
You have to be a follower of Fussy Monkey Business....and that's it!
You can enter as many times as your little pea-pickin' heart desires:o)
I hope that you all have a wonderful Friday. We have a play date today and we are really looking forward to it!!
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twelve30 said... Best Blogger Tips

Following your blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like a great book!

The Baking Bride said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks like such a neat book. I am a follower.

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Had fun on the playdate :) Really like that Bible. Never seen one like that before. I'm going to go enter your other giveaways now :)

AmyA said... Best Blogger Tips

I always love watching you turn nothing into something beautiful!

Grateful Gramma said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have this version; would love to check it out. Thanks for the opportunity!