Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

Today's post is a little later than anticipated. I have had a busy day today, but a good day. Hair business is picking up, so crafting is coming in spurts right now:o)
Yesterday I went to Target to get S.R. a new bike helmet. It HAD to be a Disney Princess helmet. That girl is all about some princesses. Everything is "princess." However, she is still my little tomboy. She will roll around in the dirt and muck with the best of them:o) I wouldn't have it any other way;o)
Anyway, I decided to walk the ENTIRE store just to make sure I didn't miss any good sales. I ran across this stack of towels. They were $6 for the whole set. I thought these would be PERFECT to make burp cloths out of. They are lint free and super soft. 
We have like a bajillion babies being born at the church where we attend...really, a bajillion. It seems that there is a baby shower every week...think I'm, no..really.
So I am always in need of a baby gift, and I am all about quick and easy. I am sure that you are as well, so here is a quick tute on how to make your own burp cloths.
 These towels measure 16"x18.5" so I can get 2 burp cloths out of one towel..score! That means 20 burp cloths!!
These two fabrics were left over from some other projects. It's always a good idea to have scrap fabric lying around. Ya never know when you may need to make a burp cloth:o)
 I started by cutting the towel in half lengthwise.
 Each one is 8" in width.
 I then cut the scrap fabric to the same size as the towels.
 I wanted to personalize them, so I monogrammed the baby's name on each one. I then stacked the printed fabric on top of the towel. Next I grabbed some wide double fold bias tape. This stuff saves so much time. I always have several packages on hand.
See that nasty cut on my hand...told you the hair business was good. Hazard of the trade:o}
 Sandwich the two fabrics betweens the tape.
 And guys know that I hate to pin, but in this case, it makes things go a lot smoother. Especially around the corners.
 Stitch all the way around the inside edge of the tape, and make sure to catch the tape on the backside as well.
Didn't this turn out cute?
 I monogrammed one of the towels, but I think it looks a little messy, so from now on, I'll just do it on the printed fabric:o)
Easy peasy right?
So if you go to church with me and you are expecting a baby, you know what you will be getting from me in the near future;o) I've got plenty of towels to go around!!
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Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! I need to make some baby gifts, great idea! I can relate to that cut! I have a salon here at my house too! I have a nice collection of scars on my hand! lol

Goodnight moon said... Best Blogger Tips

New follower here! Adore your blog and all your creative juices! Thanks for sharing this adorable idea!