Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bama Painting

Not all of you are going to appreciate this painting, but the hubs surely did:o) Remember my Dragon Fly Painting? Well I painted this little pup at the same place. There wasn't really anywhere to hang it in the office, so he took it to work with him:o) I hope that you guys are doing great. I am "planning" some projects for the weekend. I am absolutely DYING to paint another room. I've got the painting bug:o) Have a FAB day!


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

It turned out good, but I prefer my tiger painting :) I have several gallons of paint and lots of painting projects at my house, I will gladly give you a key! LOL!

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

oops, too much going on, I meant eagle painting!

tzigane said... Best Blogger Tips

i love it! do you paint for other people and sell them? just curious and if you do would you do another bama painting and how much? you can email me
monkiesmom at gmail. com